I already have Sam sick and not sleeping well, due to coughing his toenails up.  But was it really necessary for Merry to spike a ridiculous fever at 2am last night, just because I was already half awake?!?!?!   Even the bottoms of the poor kids FEET were burning up.    We did manage to dose him up and he went right back to sleep (something about being in dad's spot on the bed has a sedative effect lol) but poor Strider had to go down to Merry's bed, because bub was just all OVER him in the night.    As he made what he thought was his escape, I told him I'd handle THIS sicky, and he could handle the other one ;)

I'll pause here a second, and make note of just how LUCKY I am when it comes to my DH.  This is the dude who had to get up at 415am to leave for work, yet he still got up to help me get nurofen into the feverish one.  THen he was up twice with the coughing one giving him water and making sure he could breathe etc.

I think it must be the weather.. it's incredibly dreary here, and probably will be most of the week.  We're expecting some 200+mm of rain in the next 2 days as well.  That, combined with the sickies, ensures that we're looking at week #2 of not leaving the house.  

Sam is off the hook for any 'required' schoolwork until his cough is better, especially his Headsprout as it requires talking which is absurd when you can't stop coughing.   He will probably sit in while I read a bit of the Pawn of Prophecy to Frodo though, because he loves it ;) 

Frodo will do his usual work this week though, and Sam is free to join in if he's up to it.  We're up to Earth later this week, in our solar system study and we'll do a quick once over as we've done with the other planets... and then AFTER we're done with the rest of the solar system we'll do our indepth study of Earth.   It's almost a unit within a unit, but it didn't feel right to pause the solar system to go through the entire Earth unit, ya know?   Plus, I guess I like to think our planet is special enough to get it's own term of study ;)  

I shall wrap this up, as I have been interrupted about 20 times to 'reacha cuddle' by Merry, and at least that many by the non sick, sickie running after his brother up & down the hall lol.  I think they require something organized to do before they come undone! 

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awww! What a start to the week. :( We had a week like that LAST week. Just blah-blah-blah.

    Hope everybody gets well fast!

  2. Kez Says:

    Hopefully that's the last of it then!

  3. Todd Says:

    Awww... hope everyone who's been feeling the ick starts feeling better very, very soon. *hugs*