*** Total epic fail, I wrote most of this post last night, but got called away and forgot to post it! So here it is, slightly amended, and slightly late!***

Pic:  Sam with a great big cheesy grin as he cut his cake!

Yesterday was Mr. Sam's 6th birthday. It's hard to believe he's 6 already. He's done so much maturing over the last year and has really made the leap from little boy, to big kid. He started the day off with his card from me & dad, complete with accompanying Captain Jack Sparrow birthday badge hehehe and pancakes for breaky.

The boys decided to dive into schoolwork to make the day go faster, as they knew there were presents for Sam and Nan was coming over after dinner for cake! Well that failed, because by 10am they were done lol. Sam & Frodo hatched another plan, CLEAN! They announced they were going to clean a few rooms up, so that by the time they finished it would be lunch time, dad would be home, and presents could be opened! Fabulous, have at it boys! I'll just make a cuppa and locate some bon bons LOL.

Amazingly enough, their timing was spot on too. They tidied both kid bedrooms, the toys out of the family room and pottered around the lounge for a few minutes when they heard the door & saw Dad's very noticeable orange (high visibility) shirt through the sidelight at the front door. They went NUTS! Presents were opened like almost immediately. LEGO!!!! Atlantis theme lego at that... very cool under sea vehicle and a funky shark thingy. There's even King Neptune and divers.. WICKED.

I totally amazed myself, by putting together a particularly difficult looking kit. Faster than dh got the one he was assigned put together. Normally the kids would help, but the spaz levels were just too high for sitting down long enough to do that! So we adults cranked them out.

After dinner, Sams VERY favourite fried ride & yum cha, Nanny & grandpa rocked up with cousin L in tow :) Coffee was drunk, cake & ice cream consumed (NOM was the raspberry swirl cake I baked!) And MORE lego were opened lol. Nan got him an undersea diving game for the Wii, as well as a little lego kit from the Toy Story collection. It's a little Jeep with 4 'little green army soldiers' like out of the movie. They totally rock too. Sam & Frodo were stoked at being told they could stay up as late as they wanted... and they made it till 855pm before asking to go to bed LOL. Not that they really wanted to SLEEP or anything, but Nan also brought them very cool giant (like 3 inches tall) lego men.. when you squeeze their middle, their feet light up. Lego man torches.. is there much cooler in a 6yo's mind or what? Not likely!

There was much giggling and silliness for at least another hour after they went to bed but eventually, silence! Hubby & I watched a cheesy romance movie and just generally enjoyed a nice quiet couple of hours to wind the day up.

Next birthday up.. The Teen!! But his is the end of April, so I've got a wee bit of time!
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2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Happy birthday Mr Sam - looks like a fantastic day filled with Lego :)

  2. Thanks Kez :D He's all thrilled with being 6... we're now looking into scouts for them since they can both go!