Yes, I know I just posted about 5 minutes ago... but today a person I know did something so awesome that I thought it just DESERVED it's own post.  Every year the Leukemia foundation of Australia does what they call 'The Worlds Greatest Shave' and this year the owner of my very fave coffee shop was participating.  For probably the last month or six weeks, every time I went in for my weekly coffee, I would drop any gold coins in my wallet in her donations box.   (usually about 4bucks a week, not a fortune, but hey it adds up!)

At the start of the fundraising the plan was for Jacqui to colour her hair, but IF she got 5k in donations/sponsors, she would make the move and SHAVE!  Well, Thursday I went in for my regular coffee sans children and one of my other favourite barista's asked if I was coming on Saturday?  To what, I inquired?  Jacqui had made the decision, despite hitting only 3k in donations, to shave her hair off.  WOW.  Hell yeah, I'll be there for moral support!  

So today I left the hubby home with the kids, and I went down to the coffee shop.  Jacqui just happened to serve me at the register and I asked if she was nervous.. She laughed and asked if she looked scared?  Absolutely petrified I replied lol.   I told her it's only hair, it will grow back.   She was SO nervous and was near tears a few times during the lead up to, and during the actual clippering.   I told her how when my mom's hair started falling out from chemo, she finally shaved it off to take control of the situation in some small way.    And here she was shaving hers off to raise money to help people who have a disease that may never affect her at all.  

After the shave, she was beaming and laughing.  We aren't like best buds or anything, but afterwards she grabbed my hand and thanked me for being there and sharing my story (well, moms story).  No, thank YOU Jacqui.  For being just awesome.

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  1. Kez Says:

    What a fantastic effort!