Tonight I made my epic Thai Pumpkin soup for dinner.   Well.. I think I did.. but what may have happened is that I planned it and gave incidental assistance as DH made it LOL.  You see, chopping up a whole pumpkin requires far more muscles than I have.. but when he did that much he just kept going ;)    I sought a brief moment of solitude (and quiet!) down the hall as I checked my email.. and THIS is what I came back to! LOL

 Isn't my hunny just the silliest?   (that'd be sour cream btw :D  

Merry even had a few spoonfulls of soup.. which is REALLY something for him!!!  (He really has a VERY limited number of things he will eat.. soup not often being one of them.. as it does not resemble a sammich!)

Yesterday the boys & I had their Bunnings DIY kids workshop with the homeschool group we are part of.  This month the project was a wooden bird feeder.  It went fairly well other than the usual wood being far too hard for kids to hammer, pilot holes way too tiny lol.   We grown ups ended up helping a LOT with the hammering.. but at least they got to paint it all on their own.

 Here are the boys very studiously working.  Merry was VERY put out that he didn't get to do one (not that he could have) so he was very happy when Sam asked if he wanted to help paint his :)   Funny thing that they all ended up in blue that day! (makes for a nice pic though hehe)

Here is Frodo showing off (ok squinting at the flash) his finished project.  There is mesh screening nailed onto the bottom to hold the seed and a loop to hang it with.  MUCH better than the elasticy cord in the last bird feeder project they did there (about a year ago).

We WERE supposed to go to the Art Gallery a bit later for a workshop there.. but Merry decided ENOUGH and completely melted down into a screaming puddle.  I nearly lost my mind as nothing would calm him and he acted like I was beating him!   But in the end, it was simply overtiredness rearing it's ugly head... as he crashed out in the car on the way home.

5 Responses
  1. Kim Says:

    How fun! We attended our first workshop at our local Lowes this weekend and M. made a kaleidoscope that he is VERY proud of. Your boys sure look like they were enjoying themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pumpkin soup! It looks so yummy and how sweet of your hunny! Looks like the boys had fun at the workshop. :)

  3. Kez Says:

    Your Bunnings workshops always look so cool - our local one only ever seems to have lame stuff on!

  4. Todd Says:

    DH and kids did an awesome job on their projects! <3

  5. Thanks everyone. Kez, I don't know if our diy workshops are the same ones that they do for the general public on weekends or not.. but yeah, some of those have been rather weak! This one was a winner though :D