I rather like this week of learning thing, because even though I may have posted about something during the week... it's rather nice to see it all lumped together.  It shows how much we REALLY do, even when we don't seem to be doing much at all. 

This has been a slightly wonky week, with Sam having the horrible coughing illness, but we managed to get a bit done.   (more on that cough later) Both boys went through a lesson of their respective levels of Math U See, they both were on lesson 17 this week.  I think Sam & I may work on skip counting by 2's for a little longer though, he still has to work it out each time.   Merry got in on the '25s', as he calls numbers/math, by stamping and stacking MUS blocks :)

Sam did a couple of pages of his handwriting workbook, he rather enjoys it, but his FAVE way to practice is still on his whiteboard.   I figure it saves a few trees as well ;)  He also plowed through a couple of episodes of Headsprout and after his next lesson gets a new book, always exciting!

 He was working on A's and D's this week, and not doing too bad at all... he is pointing out his personal best A there with a big cheeky grin.   That was on the week has gone on, he has gotten a bit paler and has bags under his eyes now.  I'm sure I do as well, as when he wakes up panicing because he can't catch a breath from coughing... so do I!  And you can bet it takes a LOT longer for me to relax and go back to sleep than it does him!!

History wise, we read a bit about ancient Africa and checked out the Usborne internet links for those pages of our book.  The boys always like those.  They also played some Age of Mythology .. ok, so they were the Egyptians, close enough ;)  

In science, we've been learning about the solar system.  So far we've learned a bit about the Sun, Mercury & Venus.   The kids are finding it very interesting and have been poring over a couple of the books we got from the library for ages.  Frodo is making a solar system 'tab book' from Enchanted Learning as we go along.   Just today I found a free lapbook for the solar system & space here.   The site itself contains a bit of religious content (just an fyi), but the space lapbook is just awesome.  It does NOT however, come with the answers ;).  However it IS based on the Magic School Bus books, which is what we are using as a jumping point for our science.   So all the answers will be easily found in the books I'd guess.   Now just must get a toner cartridge for this uselessly empty printer of mine!   

Anway, the kids are loving the info on the planets.  And I often catch myself thinking how much it's changed since I was a kid learning about the solar system (we now have 11 planets, counting the dwarf planets!)  There's also a bit of Mythology/ancient religions thrown in there because we are learning about the God/desses that the planets are named for and WHY each planet earned the name it has.  (Venus scored that title because it was, and still is, thought to be the brightest most beautiful object in the heavens.)  

Frodo has gone through another week of language arts using Grammar once a week, Catching on to comprehension and Spelling Matters.  So far it all seems to be review for him though.  And we were pretty darn slack with our First Language Lessons last year even lol.   He has to really work at some parts of the Comprehension, not because he doesn't comprehend what he read... but because when they ask what do YOU think (or something that requires his own, personal answer) he doesn't quite know what to do!  He is getting a bit better though.  

Sam was pretty bummed that he didn't get to go to swimming lessons today, but he's just not well (I've had to break twice during writing this to tend to him while he coughed his poor little guts up)  So we played some games on this site to lessen the blow a bit ;)  Nothing like a bit of coveted computer time without big brother showing you up lol.   There was actually a bit of learning stuck in there, completely by accident, honest.  He stumbled on a game about internet safety and did very well until I came along and messed it up!  

We are lucky enough to have a medical clinic that has after hours coverage, so I called this morning and we had a doctor here by 3pm.  Yep, a doctor came to our house.  On Sunday.  AND apologized for taking so long!  *waits for those who have fainted to right themselves*   She had a good look & listen to Sams' chest, down his throat etc, and deemed that he does NOT have Pertussis (apparently crackles & wheezes in the chest are not typical with that.. and he does have those) but that it's rather just an annoying chest infection.  WOOT, we'll take a chest infection over a major communicable disease anyday thank you!  So, tomorrow morning I have to drag the boys out to take Merry to kindy and then we hit the chemist to pick up drugs. 

These cutie pies miss Sam something shocking.  Rats are very susseptible to respiratory illnesses, so he's had to keep his distance this week!  That's Itty (in profile) and Bitty (facing camera.. and really wondering if it was edible I'm sure).   They pine for him when he walks past the cage, it's really kinda sad!  So the mummy human makes up for it by giving them bits of apple.   They won't like me so much soon, because someone is smelling a bit on the nose, and I see a bath in their immediate future lol.  


Due to total lack of interest.  Mine that is..  

I feel just horrid!  I appear to have what a friend has dubbed the 'man flu'.  In essence I have a cold, a really nasty one.  I ache, my head is a great big cotton ball.  My nose is plugged and I can't breath, my ears are plugged & I can't hear.  And it sucks.

And Sam... he now has a low grade temp and was up periodically all night with horrible coughing fits.  We're talking half awake, gasping for air in a panic coughing fits.  So yeah, after the first two of those there really wasn't much sleep to be had for me because I was worried that he'd have another and freak out if I wasn't there pretty quickly.   I'm rather concerned, since at the moment there is quite a rash of  Whooping cough cases locally, and it's very likely that we were exposed at a function we were at a a few weeks ago.  *insert scowl* A family that was also there came down with a case of it  about 10days ago.  The exposure would have been Jan 23...and Sam's cough started last Sunday.. perfect timing.  Might ring the doc for a house call tomorrow so we don't share it with the other patrons at the clinic, just to check it out.

Finally about 3am he seemed to settle down for the night.. and which point Merry appeared wanting in our bed *sigh*  Of course, when he is in a bed nobody is allowed to have ANY sheet or blanket covering their body.  Period.  So this arrangement lasted half an hour before I told dh to redposit him into his own bed for my sanity sake.  At least if I was going to be not sleeping, I wanted to do it in peace & quiet dammit.  And with my sheet!  

I had plans of math, spelling for Frodo, matching Headsprout cards with Sam, a bit of history reading about Ancient Africa and maybe wandering on to the Aztecs, and then a book on Earth! as part of our solar system unit.  

But what is ACTUALLY going to happen, is sweet stuff all.   Merry went off to kindy remarkably well, but I feel rather like I got hit by a bus, so the older two have spent their morning playing "chess" (in quotes because they have no earthly idea what they are doing lol, and neither do I so I can't show them, but they are having fun none the less :), building with legos, raiding the fruit stash fairly regularly all morning and just generally having a good morning.  

So all is not lost.


Kylie, over at Our Worlwide Classroom, has started a Home school blog hop and I thought I'd make an attempt to join in ;) (Not making any promises that I'll stay joined in.. cause I'm fairly hopeless about these things lol)

This weeks'  "theme" is Why?   It's interesting to hear how and why different families came to this amazing adventure called Home schooling and this is a great way to share that! 

In early 2007 a new, flash primary school opened in the neighborhood we lived in... just in time for Frodo to start prep!   I wasn't REALLY all that excited about it, but figured what the hell.. it's what you do.  It's what everybody does, it's what is *expected*... it's what is "NORMAL".  So we dutifully enrolled him and he loved it.  I, on the other hand, was stressed to no end.  I woke at a silly hour in order to get everyone ready and his lunch made.  Then we walked the  1.5km to school, up and down hills, with me pushing the monster double jogger pram.  We left home at 8am..and arrived *back* home at 9.30am, give or take.  Then at 2pm we made the same walk all over again. (we were a one car family at the time).  It was usually 4pm when we made it home, as we'd have to have a little stop at the park as small legs (and not so small ones!) got tired on that rather near mountainous walk.

It was tough, and I felt like our days were completely eaten up by this 'school' business.  We did have a few hours between the walks, during which the little guys napped and I cleaned house etc.   But we soldiered on, because it's just what you do.  I never considered any other option, even though I *had* heard of home schooling before.  Then the sicknesses began, merely a week or two into the school year even.  He was enrolled for about 6months total, and missed some 30days of school due to constant illness.  I didn't have to worry that he'd fall behind, since he was reading independently before he ever started school.  But I did worry about the toll all of this illness was having on him, as well as us as a family.  After the teacher called one day, and I had to call DH to drive home so I could pick up a sick kid (can't make the poor thing walk over a km home like that obviously) I said ENOUGH. 

Dh wasn't totally on board with hs'ing, but he figured it would be ok for the rest of prep... since Frodo wasn't really learning anything new ;)  So, with his teachers support, we pulled him.  The summer after that we made the choice that we'd continue for first grade as well.  

At the end of THAT year, it became obvious to me that my reasons for doing this had shifted greatly!  The mere idea of giving up the freedom we enjoyed was awful!  We enjoyed being able to choose the things that he learned about .. and when he'd learn about them.  Frodo also has impulsive and hyper behavior, as well as a possible auditory processing disorder.. so the idea of putting him in a classroom where he might be labelled a problem child?  No, I don't think so.

The final straw came just recently.  I was actually contemplating private school for the boys in a couple of years, so that I could return to University.  But it has become obvious that neither public, nor private schools can guarantee the safety of their students to a degree that I, as a mother, think is acceptable.  So, we will be at this gig for a LONG time to come!   And with THREE 'students' (I think I'll go with the term learners so I intimidate myself less lol) next year!!  

MckLinky Blog Hop

(note to Todd: totally stole that from you lol)

Today we'll be getting up to a little math, some grammar for Frodo, some Headsprout for Sam (who is pumped to be nearing lesson 40, the half way point!) , a bit of handwriting maybe... and we'll be making our ancient China postcards & 'puppets' to finish off our History Pockets.   Yesterday we did the chinese dragons and they turned out cute.  (camera was awol, imagine accordion folded paper with a zigzag tail, and little cut outs about Chinese new year glued onto the flat parts of the fold.  Complete with popsicle sticks to 'dance' the dragon and Voila!)  

The boys are also going to help me with the prep work for fried rice for dinner.  We have an every other friday tradition of having fried rice & yum cha and they love it.  Neither of them really has the coordination for cutting.. and both are horribly accident prone lol, so I'll do that bit.   But I figure they can measure the rice & water, and gather the other ingredients for me ;)    We are also making some delightful lemon bars  later on... best plan good distractions for the couple of hours they require to cool/set or I'll have 2 boys staring at them longingly the entire time!  Oh... best add DH to that because he devours these as well ;)

We do NOT have our Friday outing today, thank goodness!  and I have really enjoyed the 'break' from traveling around.  It seems like the last 3 weeks have been go go go! and it's worn me out.  

There's also been a fair bit of emotional stress thrown into this week though, so I really need a weekend of relaxed family time to recover.   This past Monday, it hit the news that at a 'local' (in quotes as this is a huge city so it's IN the greater metro area, but not particularly close to me) school had a 12yr old boy stabbed to death on school grounds.  At 815am. By a 13yr old.  I'm sure those parents went about their morning under the assumption that their son was safely in the care of the school... not being killed by another student.   There may, or may not have been, bullying involved...not enough information has been released yet.  In one of the news articles it was mentioned that this is the THIRD stabbing incident in a school in this city since the year began.  Um... the school year is like 3weeks old.  Then I read this morning that another teen was found on a schoolyard with a knife quite near where we live.   WOW.  I have been deeply affected by these incidents.

Why?  Well, I had actually been considering temporary school for the boys in the future, as the plan was for me to go back to Uni and get my degree so that as the boys got older I would have something for ME and not feel lost.  Now... well there is no way in Hades my kids are setting foot in a school if the Government cannot even provide for their basic safety.  I was willing to accept the fact that we'd have to do a bit extra with the boys since the schools' standards are pretty slack.. but risking their lives?  Not.gonna.happen!    DH & I came to the agreement that no way are any of our boys going to school.  Which means I'll have 3 homeschoolers in a couple of years.  (I don't think Merry will be ready for prep next year so I'm going to stick with preschool fun for him)   Can you see me having a mini panic over here?? lol   

SO... the plan at the moment is I may look into distance ed/ external programs and see if anything tickles my fancy.  Then the kids & I can study together ;)  I really DO feel the need for something fullfilling for myself only... and while home educating the kids is wonderful for them... and usually for me ;), in the end it is something I do totally for their benefit.  And it's hard work!

Remember me mentioning somewhere in a previous post that I REALLY want to move?  Well, now I really REALLY want to move.  Day before yesterday, as I drank my morning coffee even, the peace of the boys arguing over the wii game was broken by all hell breaking loose next door. In the end, I had no choice but to call the cops, as I was scared to death by angry male neighbors voice, and terrified female neighbors very loud crying.  I don't know what was going on... and dont' want to, but I could not let my kids hear that kind of thing and think it's ok to 'do nothing'. The cops rocked up and were there a little while, and all quieted down.  Now I'm incredibly fearful that angry neighbor man will work out who 'dobbed' him in and show up on my doorstep. I even had nightmares the night it happened about it.  YIKES.    We're a door locking family anyway, and If I do not know you're coming... I don't open the door (unless I know you of course, then I put the kettle on ;)  but I hate the idea of living where I'm afraid of my neighbors!

Ok.. ramble over *sheepish*  Baking will take my mind of it all... and no, sorry, you can't have any lemon bars.  They're all mine. 


Yesterday we had our weekly art & gymnastics classes, of which I have no pics as I forgot my camera.  The boys had a great time, but were a little bummed that the heat was just too much for us to hang around after class for more playground time!  I made it up to them with a snack of scones & jam in the car on the way home (enjoying the air conditioning lol) and then a swim when we got here.  

While they did that, I managed to crank out plans for the rest of the week.  I'm not super strict on making sure EVERYTHING gets done, but I like to have a general plan for where our week goes.  Today is dvd lessons in MUS for both, reading comprehension for Frodo & Headsprout for Sam, a bit of work on our ancient China history pocket, reading a book about the Sun, and a page of handwriting practice :D    Maybe LOL.  

This week I am thrilled to say that I do not have to leave the house again until SUNDAY if I really don't want to LOL.  It seems like the past 2-3weeks have just been wildly on the go for us and I'm just worn out!   So I may venture out Thursday to the green grocer to pick up fruit & veg... but that's it.  I forced myself to go to the library yesterday so that I didn't have to go later in the week ;)  

In other news,  we've tried Frodo reading more chapter style books recently and it seems that most of them were just not a hit.  We tried a little Beast Quest book, thinking it might be good to start with.. it was awful.  BORINNNG!  Septimus Heap is still a little ahead of where he is.  So last night we started him on one of OUR favourite series by David Eddings,  The Belgariad.  The books are about 200pgs each, but they are simply written with entertaining and engaging characters and MAPS!  We love maps in books hehehe.  He's starting off slowly, but in the beginning it's all about Garion (that's the main character) remembering his early life... very shortly the good stuff gets going..wizards, adventures, travels and lots of other excitement.  I hope he will enjoy them, they aren't 'fine literature' but they are good stories, that will help foster a love of reading we hope! 

Off to get a move on, it's supposed to be incredibly hot here today (again) so I'd like to get done by lunch so we can jump in the pool for a bit before the sun gets it ;)  


And boy was it!   I thought I'd follow suit with a couple of the blogs I like to read regularly, and share what we got up to this week.  We have had a really busy week starting on Monday with our Home ed network art & gymnastics classes and finishing up today with our extra curricular day!

Well, it's not REALLY finishing up today, because tomorrow it's off to Nana's for a birthday/anniversary cake and afternoon tea, followed by a sleepover (I think mum has ALL 5 grandkids for the night, she's either brave or crazy!).  On Sunday we're meeting them at a cousins house where the kids will have a swim and hang out with family before we head home.  So yeah.. no rest for the wicked until after Monday here lol.  

Blogger is being shonky today, and not letting me format my pics well.. so bear with me :)  The distance education 'school' arranged for the RSPCA to be on site for our students with their EMU..which is not, as you would naturally assume, a giant flightless bird... but is their Educational Mobile Unit.  Basically a big trailer that is all fitted out with computers,   and hands on games and materials for learning all about animal welfare and safety.  

  Here's Sam and Frodo being 'vets'  and taking care of the stuffed animals.  Sam is using a handheld scanner to see if this kitty has a microchip, and got very excited when the scanner gave him a response.  This is about the only pic of Frodo today as the rest of the time he was at a computer playing the games and totally zones out lol.  

 This activity was all about native animals and invasive species that are non native to Australia.  There were a selection of plastic animals and four 'habitiats'.  The idea was for the kids to place the animals where you should expect to find them.. and those that don't belong here at all and damage our environment (like the fox & rabbit).  Sam had a good time with this and a couple of other matching activities.

 Here is Sam rescuing the kitten that is stuck in the pipes using a little mirror and peeking in.  He was triumphant when he reached in and pulled out a cute little stuffed grey kitty.  I was shocked that he didn't take advantage of the 'costumes' (work shirts) on the hooks by the pipe lol.

 Due to Monday and Friday being away days, we had just 3 days worth of 'school' time.  We still got a fair bit done.  There was reading comprehension, grammar & spelling for well as Math and handwriting.  And Sam worked on his handwriting and Headsprout phonics :)  As a group, we worked on our Ancient China study.    The boys learned about Chinese numbers and calligraphy, the Great Wall of China, along with things about what the average Chinese persons day would have been like.  In our history pocket the boys made a Chinese lantern chain with the numbers & pronounciations on them.  They're loving 'counting' their way across the shelf in another language.

 And Sam actually did more than just a quick scribble .. he actually stuck with it through all the colouring, cutting, and gluing.  Kudos kiddo!   Here's the finished product of the entire chain.  Yes, someone in this house is a serious Raymond E. Fiest fan, if you look closely lol.  This expedit shelf actually houses most of our school 'books' (there are other materials here and there all over the house.. in the linen cupboard, in the dining room hutch, in the computer room and garage even!) So I thought I'd share a little peek.   There's a little bit of adult stuff there, 1 cube of Fiest and one of Eddings, but otherwise this is all the kids domain.  There are math manipulatives, puzzles, felt boards, crayons, pencils, scissors, glue and such in the baskets.  Up on the top row of cubes is where we keep our library books, so we can always find them.. and so Merry (who hasn't yet learned the idea of gentle with books @@) cannot damage them.   He still gets to read them... just with mum or brothers 'helping'.  He has his own cube with his 'that's not my' books and his own crayons drawing pad.

   On the very top of the unit is my prized collection of handpainted Christmas cottages... personally created by yours truly and a very dear friend of mine over 10yrs ago.  They are super special to me, so they are out year round, but I would like ot find another 'home' for them around here somewhere!  The solar system is due to start sprouting on the top of these shelves any week now, so having the sun parked next to the soda shop might not work out so well! ;)   

Just in front of the shelves is a nice area that I'm hoping the rug  mum bought us for our anniversary fits in th at part of the room so that it can become a nice cosy reading area.  I'd like a couple of big floor pillows for that corner as well.  I'm repurposing a picture frame or two that have been gathering dust in my closet as well.  I plan to put some of the boys masterpeices from art class in them to really cozy up the corner, and make it 'their own.






In one day! lol  I'm sitting here taking a break from our schoolwork, as the boys have done everything but Headsprout (sam), Reading comp (frodo) and a little handwriting practice in their workbooks.  I may ditch that last bit as Frodo did a lot of writing with our history odyssey stuff today ;)  Another benefit of homeschooling that one can decide ENOUGH and move along!  We're going to have a google for some sweet pictures of the planets & such this afternoon as well.. always fun.  

Anyway, the reason I'm taking this break is pretty irrelevant ;)  But while I'm doing so, I'm plotting.  You see, our 9th wedding anniversary is coming up in about a week and my MIL sprung on us Sunday that she was going to have a 'do' this coming saturday as it is Our anniversary, her & dad's anniversary and SIL's birthday all in the same week.  We weren't too excited about driving across town both days of the weekend, but then she said the magic words... 'oh you don't have to, I thought I'd take the boys for the night so you two can go out'!   So, we'll be going over for an afternoon thing on Saturday, and then we have a gift card to a restaurant that we'll polish off, and maybe go out for a fancy coffee or a movie.  Wow.. seeing a movie... together even.. IN A THEATRE!?!?!  This is a truly rare occurence in the Hobbit Household lol.   And.. we can follow it up by NOT having to race out of the house Sunday morning by 9am to get to swim lessons!  Life is good friends, really good :D  

Now, if you'll pardon me, I think I hear a cup of coffee calling my name from the kitchen ;) 

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For a whole week!  That'd be the direct result of me actually trying to keep us on track with the routine I've set up for our school days!   Mondays are our gymnastics/art class days... every other Friday (this friday) are our extra curricular days with our DE group.  That leaves basically 3-4 days, depending on the week, for actual 'schoolwork'.    So we get busy on those days!  And often at the end of the day the LAST thing I want to think about is the day just finished lol.  

Today for example, (we're getting a late start as I slept in a bit ;) we're doing Math U See (both kids), Headsprout (Sam), Reading comprehension (Frodo), some reading on Ancient China AND starting our China history pocket, as well as putting together a Planets 'tab' book from Enchanted Learning.   Unfortunately it's on the members pages, so I can't link IT specifically.  But seriously, I can't say enough about EL... I find the best worksheets & such to supplement whatever we're studying on that site!   So it should be a fun, busy, day.  Oh and there will invariably be at least one snack and one lunch break... else Frodo may waste away to nothing ;)

I posted a while back about Homeschool Skedtrack, and while it was a cool program with lots of neat features... I guess I'm a pen and paper kinda girl ;)  I need to be able to see a week at a glance and KNOW what is on the plans for each day in that week.  I have swiped a nice, basic grid form from This site and am test driving it this week.  I've had to cross out /substitute some 'subject' headings but that's not a problem.  It's a 2page weekly spread with good sized blocks for being able to fit 'assignments' for both kids in there ... as long as I don't get TOO wordy!   So far I like it, I like having more space than typical 1page weekly planners give as well as being able to see it ALL at once.

In other news.. someone please turn off the faucet in the sky... at least for a little while?   I have fungi popping up all over my yard... so if I cease posting, I've probably wandered into a faerie ring  and been carried away for a nice long holiday with the fae  LOL.


Today was our first FULL day of schoolwork for the year.  On the plan for Sam was Headsprout, Math U See, and handwriting practice in his new workbook (which he loved... something about a shiny new book I guess hehe) Frodo had Math U see, handwriting (learning cursive), grammar, science reading and spelling.  

It turns out Frodo has zero handwriting stamina.. his handwriting took him a little longer than it really needed to and he kept stretching his hand out.  I noticed the reason why later.. the child has a veritable death grip on his pencil!  If I held mine like that it wouldn't take long for my hand to collapse into a screaming cramp either.  SO, for now we are going to have to put spelling on the back burner (at least written spelling, we can still work on it other ways)  I'll also spend a lot of time working with him on a better, more relaxed grip so that in a month or so he might have worked up the ability to write for a reasonable amount of time.  For now we'll just have Grammar Once a Week , handwriting workbook to learn the entries & exits of cursive, and Catching onto Comprehension B which will account for most of his writing.  (science & History Odyssey have a bit, but not nearly this much).  

There was also a crucial scheduling mistake by moi... the Magic School Bus book we were going to start our science year with is NOT the one I thought I had!  Nor is it one our library has *sigh* So the one unit of science I've completely written up?  Is not the one we're going to end up starting with LOL.  So, I best get off my rear and get the Earth unit written up so we can start that at least.. since I actually POSSESS the book ;)   Kind of a bummer though, I was so looking forward to sticking my many xrays (including ultrasounds of the kids in utero, hand, chest and hip xrays!)  to the sliding glass doors.  I'm sure the neighbors will think I'm insane *gryn*  

Other than the handwriting woes (although his writing WAS very tidy) and the book that isn't.. the day went very, very well :D

Well we've had our first official few days of home schooling for the year and we're well & truly in the swing of things now.   We prefer to sort of ease into things rather than suddenly have a WHOLE DAY of stuff to do, so last week we started Wednesday with a bit of Math U See for both boys, some History Odyssey reading, Headsprout for Sam and a little grammar review for Frodo.   They were both pretty happy to have their usual work to do after a long break.

On the weekend I hit Brodies, which is an educational bookshop, and spent a good hour geeking around at all the neat books, learning games, posters and all those cute bulletin board thingies that teachers use in classrooms.  Not that I have a classroom.. or a real bulletin board... but I always loved those :)  I picked up all but one of our needed resources, and the other will be arriving from another store for me to pick up in a day or two.  So this week we'll add reading comprehension, grammar, and handwriting practice and science back into the mix.

Today we had a full on day, as it was day 1 of the kids' gymnastics & art classes with a local home ed network.    I'm having a bit of an insomnia thing at the moment, so it was a struggle to get everyone together & out the door.  I soldiered on though, and the boys all had such a great time!  Merry had kindy and bolted to the home corner the second we arrived, he always gets angry when I leave if he is outside... but if he can hit the home corner he's a happy chappy :)  Frodo & Sam  had a great time playing at the play area where the classes were held, along with all the other kids.  So much for unsocialized homeschoolers ;)  The gymnastics teacher was so great with the kids, and said the kids do much better when parents go off & have a cuppa or something, although we are welcome to have a seat & watch the class....helping ends up not being much help apparently LOL.   

 Here's Frodo one one of the 4 balance beams tip toeing across :) This is about the only pic that came out, as the gym is HUGE and there isn't much close enough for the flash to bounce off of, so my photos all came out a bit dark... I've got at least 7 more lessons to get it right though ;)  There was tumbling, different swinging movements on the uneven bars, and Sams' favourite... trampolining!

 Here's Sam with his work of art... today was all about colour & how blending the 3 primary colours produces secondary colours.  Sam's favourite colour ever is orange, so he was all about making some of that lol.   He was such a trooper too.. normallly he makes a few swipes on a paper and is done, but he was with the teacher right up until nearly the end of class!  Kudos little dude!

 Frodo was also awesome in his class.  He was in with the senior art group (ages 7 and up I think it was) and I was in & out making sure Sam was cool doing what he was doing (and not freaking out because I wasn't around.. which he wasn't!) but Frodo was fully paying attention while I was away according to one of the other mums.   He made a gorgeous sunset scene with a city skyline that he's very proud of.  Their class was also about blending colours but with an eye towards creating a landscape type image.   Note the very stylish 'mums stained shirt turned backwards' paint smock there? lol  That's what my decluttering gets me.. I had to raid clothing that I actually WEAR to use, because I either tossed, cut up for rags, or donated all excess tshirts.  This one shirt had a freaky greasy shadow from cooking so it was the perfect candidate.  I bet by the end of the year it will be a work of art itself!

We headed home from class around 1pm, and would you believe BOTH boys were crashed out in the back seat within 15minutes on the road!? lol  It's about a 45minute drive (but very worth it!) so after all that working out in gymnastics, I guess they were worn out.  Made for an unusually quiet drive though ;)