I think I mentioned previously that I created my own science set up for the boys this year.  We do science together, so I basically beef up activities for Frodo's lvl or lighten them a tad for Sam.   Currently we're doing the Solar System, and as boys usually do, they're loving it!   We usually do science twice a week, unless we have a LOT on in a week, so this unit will last us at least the rest of this term! (term ends Easter time I believe?)  

We use Magic School Bus books as the initial jumping off point because they're such fun, and pack a lot of info into one book.   So far we have read about the Sun, Mercury & Venus, at the rate of about 2 topics/planets per week.  Today was Earths big day :)   Since the Earth & Moon get their own ENTIRE term, today was just a quick fly by covering the same info as we have for the other planets.   The boys & I get comfy in our little reading corner in the family room and they really enjoy all the satellite photography in the books, and Frodo does most of the reading for us.  

I thought I would share the framework of my little 'curriculum' on here, as I've had a few people enquire if I was going to make it available (either free or for pay, really flattering!)  At this point it's just a framework, I'm always adding in new resources that I run across.   For some things I simply have the url and every weekend I check for things that will fit in nicely during the week, and the boys do many of the web based games/activities during 'non school' time whenever!

Without further adieu... Here it is :D  Caz's Magic School Bus Science of the Solar system!!!!

 (I hate to have to say this, but I guess I need to these days.  This is the property & creation of Caz Milton.  Feel free to copy it for your own personal use, but if you'd like to share a link to it, please share the link to THIS post instead of posting this on your own site.   I am offering it here to SHARE it, not for it to be 'stolen'.   This isn't anything award winning, but I put a fair bit of time into it, and still do daily almost to improve it.  So in short, it's not nice to take credit for other people's work, please don't do it!)

*STarter book:  The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
                 Guide to using ‘Lost in the solar sytem’ in the classroom (if I can find it!)

Field trips/projects
 *Enchanted Learning solar system book
 *Planetarium visit for *Passport to the Universe
                                         *Saturday night ‘Live’
 *create a solar system mobile/model
 *web resources for photos of planets, the sun, nebulas, stars etc (

 *book 11 planets: a new view of the solar system Aguilar, David A   (ISBN 9781426302367)
 Beyond planet earth [interactive multimedia] from library

  ***Starting with the Sun/ Sol go through each planet using the solar system book.  
                                     -What is the planets name sake? 
                                     - What is the length of their day & year? 
                                     - How much would you weigh and how old would you be there?
  *Blast off! :Mercury by Orme, Helen ISBN 9781846960499
  *blast off!: Venus Orme, Helen I SBN 9781846960482
  *Eyewitness Mars Murray, stuart ISBN 1405312653
  *Lets explore Mars Orme, Helen ISBN 9780836881264
  *blast off!: Jupiter Orme, Helen ISBN 1846960568
  *blast off!: Saturn Orme, Helen ISBN 1846960533
  * Uranus and Neptune and the dwarf planets Mist, Rosalind  ( ISBN 9781845389659) 
  *Gas giants Knapp, Brian ISBN 1862143676
  * Briefly discuss the asteroid belt and comets.

 * Lesson Pathways  *** excellent resource, free, lots of net based games & activities to supplement with! I’ll be picking from these as we go, so feel free to choose any that look cool.

*solar system ‘cloze’ sheet from EnchantedLearning
*solar system ‘quiz’  

 Magic school bus sees stars
 Magic Treehouse: Midnight on the Moon
  *MTH guide for space

It doesn't LOOK like a lot, but I'm amazed at how many extension activites I find here & there.  We're on week 3 and only just now hitting Earth.  Thursday it's on to Mars & the Asteroid belt.. after that it's on to the Gas Giants and Planet Fart (LOL thanks for that Wendy & Gavin.. I laughed SO hard!  Only a mom of boys would understand I think ;)  

I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh, I am honored to see Planet Fart mentioned in your post. Thank you!

    We are also enjoying learning about astronomy, the solar system, and all that good universe-y stuff. :) Have fun and thanks for sharing the links!

  2. LOL Planet Fart is most deserving of mention! ;)

  3. Thanks so, so much for posting your lesson plan. We will be doing a Solar system unit next school year, I will definitely bookmark and use some of your ideas *and be sure to link back when the time comes :)*

  4. legendswife Says:

    Great post.My boys love the Magic School bus. You can watch them online for free (I put the link below..if interested).

    God Bless

  5. Alas, they will not work in Australia legendswife! Depressing, but maybe some of the other American moms will see the link though! Thanks for sharing it... the magic school bus is a terrific series be it book or movie!