Don't you just love it when things seem to be a little crappy, and then you get a sudden burst of good news?  I do!  That's me today... I've been feeling rather sorry for myself this week.  I'm exhausted, and tired of dealing with sickness.  My house is a bit of a mess, I have laundry coming out my ears (both dirty and clean as it takes a zillion years to cycle it through the dryer.  Just a few clear days is all I need!!!), we're relatively broke, oh and did I mention that I'm TIRED??? lol

Well sometimes the universe just takes pity on us in some small way, or not so small even.  This morning my lovely DH, who spent half the night with a cranky, unsettled 3yo laying on his chest, called from work to let me know that the boss pulled him aside for a chat.  He thought he was about to get grumbled about for who knows what, but instead he was told he'd have a letter in his mail slot detailing a nice tidy raise PLUS a 35$ per week 'bonus' because he is one of the drivers in the top 20% productivity wise.  All total that's a nice tidy 140bucks a fortnight!  

Can I get a great big WOOT!!!!!!!! 

And starting next payday it will show up.   Let me tell you, the budget is planned out for the next 4months and it's so tight it squeeks.. so this is a very welcome bit of news!   *ponders*  Which also means I can squeek the toner cartridge for the laser printer AND the laminator we need to make some homeschool material into the budget next fortnight! *SQUEEE~!!* lol  

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2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    YAY! Great news!

  2. Todd Says:

    That's awesome news! Congrats to you both.