So we had a couple of weeks off over Easter... There was a bit of craftyness... Here's Frodo showing off the Legend of Zelda bookmark he made.  He was stoked that I let him laminate it himself :)

 And I scored a cool little plaster 'paint it yourself' magnet kit at the Reject shop for 5$... the kids spent a couple of hours on the patio painting and having a good old time.  Merry's sun got painted so much, it ended up black.  The end is night people!
There was a bit of video game/computer use (omg little addicts I have!)  and Merry made all manner of magnetic shapes.   Sam also destroyed the house with his awesome cardboard box recycling kit.  It's amazingly cool and he built a full box castle for his knights.  Best thing about it is, when you've played it to death and the boxes are all floppy... you can take off all the plastic connectors and reuse them later!

 And there were lots of visits to the park and exploring around... and Dad surprised the boys with tennis rackets all around!  So we wandered up to the courts several times to play a bit... Daim & I have the general idea how to play, although neither of us are great... but we just wanted to boys to get the hang of hitting the ball!

Then school went back... and THIS is what happened to Frodo & I  on the way to his first Spanish in the park session of the term!  UGH!  The car died... on a hill... on a busy street.  Poor Frodo was bored to death for the entire 2 hours it took the tow truck to get to us (apparently Mondays are a bad day to need a tow, apparently 'people' wait till Monday to have their car towed to the mechanic... I must just have a great mechanic, I can have it towed to him anytime and just leave a msg to please have a peek at it :)

 We got towed to Larry's Pitstop (Larry is a legend!) and he had it fixed and on the road again in under half an hour... FREE of charge.  Larry and his wife have earned themselves a case of vino for being so awesome.  (we sorta have 5 cases sitting around ... hubby's employers give us a case about once a month lol)
 Since our day was shot... we decided to bake cookies!   Frodo did almost all the work, including the using of the mixer @@.  Yeah there was a bit of mess lol but he had fun...
And the cookies were awesomeness! 

Then a cuppa for me :)  Holy moly did I need one by then!  No, there is nothing else in there but coffee and milk lol... even though I could have used THAT too!

Now we're all back to normal (although I'm paranoid about the drive to next Mondays Art & Spanish in the park lol)  and there's a fair bit of this ^^ (that'd be History Odyssey, working on the architecture of Ancient Egypt!) going on, as well as Timez Attack (we bought the full version.. it rocks), and Monday we're going to start using Skwirk as part of our daily lessons.    Thanks to Kylie over at  Our Worldwide Classroom! for sharing a review as well as the NICE 50% off discount code the Skwirk people gave her to share with her readers!    

And with that, I shall be off.  Merry (mr 5) is getting a classroom award at the school assembly this afternoon and I am going to surprise him by being there for it :)  

And I will be back within ONE week with a post ... if not, someone come poke me lol

Ok,  I'm REALLY out of the blogging habit so I'm going to make a pledge to blog SOMETHING we did at least once a week.  Be ready, I'm sure at some point you will get a 3line post with pic lol.. but I'm going to try!

First off.. OMG blogger, really??? Was it necessary to muck up my entire dashboard?!?!  I have no idea where anything is now *sigh*  On the upside, I do like tools that are built in (not that I ever pay attn to analytics or anything)

Ok... I'll give you a few moments to get over your shock at my reappearance ;)  And I'll compose an actual post, while the brownies are in the oven!