***Apologizing in advance for the horrid formatting on this post!  It did not look like this in the post preview so I have no idea what version of computer crack blogger is into tonight.  I also apologize that I am just too darn tired to be bothered trying to fix it :(  And I simply promise to try not to do it again! lol

FINALLY, back to normal!  We've sorta slipped back into our groove this week, after our run of illness.  It's nice to have a little bit of routine back in the house!   

Monday was our weekly day out with our local homeschool group for art & gymnastics (for some reason I have no pics of those this week)  The boys started work on their culminating project of Self Portraits!    They did really well for not being there for 2 weeks of how to do faces.  I can't say that their portraits look much like THEM... but they DO look like people lol.  They are really quite cool.  I'll post pics to share after they complete them.   Gymnastics went well, the instructor has sitting duck syndrome I think, there were... issues... and the classes for our group will be done by a different coach next term.  I think in the end it's an issue of maturity and the ability to work with groups of children.. that's something you either have or you don't.   The boys had a great time hanging out on the playground despite it being a tad dreary! 

We also had a couple of days of NICE weather, so there was a bit of THIS!!!  The boys were stoked to get outside.   That's Merry stomping along side his stepping stones while announcing what colour each one is lol.. and Sam is scoping out the cucumber plant to see if there are any snacks in the making there (not today).   Merry has been getting into doing a few little activities while brothers do school... check out his 'man' that he made with the tap a shape!  he had no help at all and did a pretty decent job of it.  He was none to happy about having a photo taken though lol.

Then we filled in the middle of our week with typical schoolwork..

Frodo's week:  Math U see lesson 18 (estimating & adding into the thousands .. with regrouping), Grammar once a week (commas and to, too, two!) which he zipped through.  In reading comprehension he learned about predicting outcomes and did really well with that lesson.  He really enjoys the book I picked out for that.  He reads exceptionally well, but I think has a bit of an issue with comprehension so we're concentrating on it to help him ENJOY what he reads more!  He did a fun spelling exercise as well, all the words were easy for him but he got a lot out of the enrichment part for sure.  He poked around on Mathletics as well, always a hit. 

Sam's week:  He also did MUS lesson 18 (adding 10's) and some skip counting by 2's practice with the cd of songs :D.  He did a few pages of his handwriting practice book... and his q's were awesome if he did say so himself lol.  Reading eggs was done a few times, and enjoyed.  A bonus is that the lessons dont' SEEM so long (even if they actually are) because they are broken up into different sections.  

Together we read a book about the Earth! for science.. we're heading for Mars next week.  We were supposed to get there today, but with the sickies last week our scheduled got bumped ahead.  This week we had our extra curricular day, so all other Friday activities were skipped!  So we stopped at Earth for now.    In history we did the mapwork for Ancient Africa and started on the Aztecs & ancient America.

Today, Friday, was our fortnightly extra curricular day with our distance ed group.  It was a great day for it, although mother nature kept trying to blow my gardening magazine out of my hand lol.  The kids had a  'Hands on Maths' Workshop in the morning, and OH my what a hit that was!  Sam was VERY upset when their hour was up because he was enjoying the math games so much that he wasnt' ready to be done!   It's been alleged that he tried to slip back in for another go, but he vehemently denied it and got very upset that someone suggested he didn't do what he was supposed to!   Not that we'd have been upset at all... who can get angry at a kid that WANTS to do more math!!!! hehehe  They also had dance & played outdoor group games.  Oh, and snacked... A LOT!  I swear they want to create the impression that I am not feeding them except on those days ;)

In no particular order, here are pics of the boys fave stuff from the maths workshop today!


 The big news this week, is that I'm done with kindy.  Merry has attended twice a week for about a year now (although he missed a LOT due to my bad health last year!), mainly to make my life a little easier as the bigger two needed a lot of help 'getting' the group activities thing when we were out.   But it's become very apparent that he's not liking it as much as he was at the start.. he throws almighty fits when dropped off and has now started  not eating much at all when there.  (ALL of this is new stuff, so please don't think I'd have him there for a year that upset!) 

SO starting the first of April, he'll be home pre-schooling hehe.  The group we do our art & gymnastics with is adding activities for the little ones and the distance ed group has a story hour at the library (our days are held at the same park as the library) for the little ones as well!  So hopefully the activities will be enough fun that he'll not feel left out.   I hope he'll be happier to go along (and not throw a tantrum) if he has his own 'school'  So stay tuned for updates on that! 

And with that, this very tired mama is signing off... I hear my pillow calling me.

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  1. So many great activities! Good luck with home preschool!

  2. Ticia Says:

    Home preschool is fun, my kids are going through it now and bits and pieces of kinder as well.

  3. Kez Says:

    Looks like a good week - lol at Frodo trying to sneak back in for more maths! (even if he says he wasn't!)

  4. Kylie Says:

    What a huge week.

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  6. Kez, Sam was actually the sneaky math lover lol. I have got to find out where she gets those wonderful toys! (ok, that was 'joker-esque' lol)

    Mother plus & Ticia, thanks for the encouragement re: home preschooling. We'll do great at home, but Merry is NOT a great listener so I'm a tad apprehensive lol.

    Kylie, and the weeks are just going to keep getting bigger it seems! lol