Not too long ago, I was reading blogs and saw this idea and it stuck in my head. Unfortunately the person who I borrowed the idea from, did not lol. I've seen it a few times though, so I don't think I'm stealing any intellectual property here ;) M&M math.. man when *I* was a kid I'd have loved to learn to make & read graphs in such a cool way!

Supplies required: 2 small bags of m&ms, plain or peanut is your choice though lol!,  small bowls, crayons, and graph paper.  I made my own graph paper using a website I stumbled across, then promptly forgot to bookmark!!.  Oh you also need kids.. well, not REALLY, I mean I suppose you could do this yourself and eat the evidence... but as a home schooling project.. the kids are helpful ;) Here are Frodo & Sam hard at work (ok, not so much.. especially if you notice the lego creation which appears glued to sam's hand lol)   I was hoping that Sam's orange m&m's didn't end up totalling more than 10 or he'd be out of room!

 A bit better shot of the graph... well, an attempt at one anyway ;)  After all m&m's were on the graph, the boys wrote the # of each colour down and then pulled out their crayons, put their m&m's back in the bowl, and coloured the graph in to save in their notebooks.

 Here are two boys working VERY studiously on their math, because after all is said and done, SOMEBODY has to eat all those m&m's!    They also had a short questionaire about the graph, basically which colour had the most, which the least, were there any 'ties' between colours.  And most importantly... did you EAT any before you got them counted? LOL

For all the fun involved, it ticked off a math outcome for Frodo ;)  And now the boys have a basic idea how to read a graph!

Merry was involved as well... I gave him a small bowl of m&m's and a muffin tin and TRIED  to get him to help me sort them by colour.  Total flop LOL.  ALL he wanted to do was eat m&m's, of course!   I attempted to get a pic of him, but they all came out blurry.. I guess he was moving pretty quickly.  What, with the sugar high and all LMAO.

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would SO eat the math too, just like Merry! ;)

  2. sarah Says:

    Great idea! I am stealing it:)

  3. Sarah.. steal away! That's how I got the idea hehehe.

    Wendy.. I confess to eating the math as well *gryn* Only MY math had teh peanuts LOL.

  4. Todd Says:

    What a great idea :-)