I rather like this week of learning thing, because even though I may have posted about something during the week... it's rather nice to see it all lumped together.  It shows how much we REALLY do, even when we don't seem to be doing much at all. 

This has been a slightly wonky week, with Sam having the horrible coughing illness, but we managed to get a bit done.   (more on that cough later) Both boys went through a lesson of their respective levels of Math U See, they both were on lesson 17 this week.  I think Sam & I may work on skip counting by 2's for a little longer though, he still has to work it out each time.   Merry got in on the '25s', as he calls numbers/math, by stamping and stacking MUS blocks :)

Sam did a couple of pages of his handwriting workbook, he rather enjoys it, but his FAVE way to practice is still on his whiteboard.   I figure it saves a few trees as well ;)  He also plowed through a couple of episodes of Headsprout and after his next lesson gets a new book, always exciting!

 He was working on A's and D's this week, and not doing too bad at all... he is pointing out his personal best A there with a big cheeky grin.   That was on the week has gone on, he has gotten a bit paler and has bags under his eyes now.  I'm sure I do as well, as when he wakes up panicing because he can't catch a breath from coughing... so do I!  And you can bet it takes a LOT longer for me to relax and go back to sleep than it does him!!

History wise, we read a bit about ancient Africa and checked out the Usborne internet links for those pages of our book.  The boys always like those.  They also played some Age of Mythology .. ok, so they were the Egyptians, close enough ;)  

In science, we've been learning about the solar system.  So far we've learned a bit about the Sun, Mercury & Venus.   The kids are finding it very interesting and have been poring over a couple of the books we got from the library for ages.  Frodo is making a solar system 'tab book' from Enchanted Learning as we go along.   Just today I found a free lapbook for the solar system & space here.   The site itself contains a bit of religious content (just an fyi), but the space lapbook is just awesome.  It does NOT however, come with the answers ;).  However it IS based on the Magic School Bus books, which is what we are using as a jumping point for our science.   So all the answers will be easily found in the books I'd guess.   Now just must get a toner cartridge for this uselessly empty printer of mine!   

Anway, the kids are loving the info on the planets.  And I often catch myself thinking how much it's changed since I was a kid learning about the solar system (we now have 11 planets, counting the dwarf planets!)  There's also a bit of Mythology/ancient religions thrown in there because we are learning about the God/desses that the planets are named for and WHY each planet earned the name it has.  (Venus scored that title because it was, and still is, thought to be the brightest most beautiful object in the heavens.)  

Frodo has gone through another week of language arts using Grammar once a week, Catching on to comprehension and Spelling Matters.  So far it all seems to be review for him though.  And we were pretty darn slack with our First Language Lessons last year even lol.   He has to really work at some parts of the Comprehension, not because he doesn't comprehend what he read... but because when they ask what do YOU think (or something that requires his own, personal answer) he doesn't quite know what to do!  He is getting a bit better though.  

Sam was pretty bummed that he didn't get to go to swimming lessons today, but he's just not well (I've had to break twice during writing this to tend to him while he coughed his poor little guts up)  So we played some games on this site to lessen the blow a bit ;)  Nothing like a bit of coveted computer time without big brother showing you up lol.   There was actually a bit of learning stuck in there, completely by accident, honest.  He stumbled on a game about internet safety and did very well until I came along and messed it up!  

We are lucky enough to have a medical clinic that has after hours coverage, so I called this morning and we had a doctor here by 3pm.  Yep, a doctor came to our house.  On Sunday.  AND apologized for taking so long!  *waits for those who have fainted to right themselves*   She had a good look & listen to Sams' chest, down his throat etc, and deemed that he does NOT have Pertussis (apparently crackles & wheezes in the chest are not typical with that.. and he does have those) but that it's rather just an annoying chest infection.  WOOT, we'll take a chest infection over a major communicable disease anyday thank you!  So, tomorrow morning I have to drag the boys out to take Merry to kindy and then we hit the chemist to pick up drugs. 

These cutie pies miss Sam something shocking.  Rats are very susseptible to respiratory illnesses, so he's had to keep his distance this week!  That's Itty (in profile) and Bitty (facing camera.. and really wondering if it was edible I'm sure).   They pine for him when he walks past the cage, it's really kinda sad!  So the mummy human makes up for it by giving them bits of apple.   They won't like me so much soon, because someone is smelling a bit on the nose, and I see a bath in their immediate future lol.  

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Aw, I hope Sam feels better soon! And poor little Itty and Bitty. How sweet that they miss their lil' guy!

    It sounds like both Frodo and Sam had a productive week.

    Thank you for the link to the lapbook. We begin astronomy this week!

  2. Awesome Wendy, glad I could share something fun :D My guys are loving our space unit, we're pretty laid back about it.. I have a zillion (ok, 15) books out from the library on planets & other items of astronomical interest. Black holes are the current favourite lol.

    This morning I finally had to give in to Sam's big brown eyes, and let him set up some toys for the ratties on the family room floor. One day I shall have to take a picture of that, because they get VERY creative setting it up lol

  3. Kez Says:

    Sorry to hear Sam's not well but it sounds like a good week regardless!

  4. Kylie Says:

    Well you sure did have a good week, even with all of that illness.

    Kez recommended a pretty cool book we are reading at the moment - George's Secret Key To The Universe - it would fit inperfectly with your study at the moment.