Ok.. so I *do not* have the swine flu (at least I'm making that assumption) but omg am I unwell.  I will return when I am reasonably sure I'm not gonna kick the bucket.  
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On Sunday we went out for an afternoon drive.  We haven't really done that much in the few years so it was nice to be out without a particular destination.  We took the highway out of town (which quickly turns into a 2 lane road) and meandered towards the mountains.  We didn't actually go TO them though... 3 small boys + mountain pass road = fail!  We wandered through a neat little country 'town' of about 600 people, met some very amusing cows who were quite social as long as we didn't get TOO close, and found a quaint little roadside shop selling fudge, hand made jewelry and handmade fancy soaps, plus coffee.  Although I suspect if you hung out for a chat and bought a piece of fudge, you'd score a cuppa for free ;)    

It's a good thing we went Sunday... because Monday was overcast, and that night is when the skies opened up.  And boy did they.  It started raining Monday night I believe.. and didn't stop until Wednesday night.   Although it really hasn't *stopped*.. more slacked off for a breather,  it's drizzling out there now.   There's more to come over the next day or two it appears :(    Most of South East Queensland is a total disaster, even our little backyard was a lake.  Hubby rang me from the city ... businesses are underwater, main roads are flooded, cars are floating at dealerships.  Just ick.   Here are a few photos of the local area (pulled from news sites, because no way am *I* venturing out into that muck to get pics myself :P) 

This is the Brisbane river eating a local jetty/dock.   The photos below are from L to R:  a submerged car in  a suburb near us, the city business district where my dearest is working right now, and an intersection in our suburb (about 3km away from us).  So as you can see from all that.. I am SO staying put at home, and I do believe Merry will miss his first day of Kindy tomorrow since more rain and possible flooding is being predicted.


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Yesterday was one of our Extra curricular days with the homeschool group, and the first one with Mr. Merry in kindy.  Wow, having only as many kids as hands certainly made the day a lot more relaxed!   Merry is totally loving kindy (Aussie version of preschool, only totally play based) and has one of the same carers that Frodo & Sam had 3+yrs ago when THEY went to this kindy, so I know he's well looked after which makes me able to relax more.   Good thing too, because I'm sure I've posted how I hate driving into the city before?, and this meet up is right on the other side of downtown.   (this is Sam playing the drum at their music & creative movement class, he really enjoyed the instruments!)

Here's Frodo doing some streamer dancing.. they also had a dance class with a brilliant youngish male teacher that worked SO well with the kids (especially considering it was a group of kids from grades K-3 with a couple of rowdies.. including Frodo)

The boys (and me!) also had an introduction to Japanese class that one of the other mums put on.  Her husband is a native speaker and she speaks it very well herself.  The kids learned how to say 'my name is XXX' and the word for bubbles (dang, I've forgotten it!), plus some of their favorite foods.    Next fortnight she is planning some basic origami with the kids in addition to the language intro.   She did a great job of making it fun too so I'm looking forward to it!

About a week or so ago the boys & I planted some new seedlings in our little potted veggie patch and I'm pleased to say they are coming along great!   This pic is our peas.. there are several plants in there.  I took it from a few metres away so that I can compare it as time goes by and see how much of our 'trellis' they cover.  The trellis is just inexpensive plastic mesh from the garden centre nailed to the fence posts :)

Have a look at these little lovelies... They are.. or I should say WERE, Tigerella tomatoes.   I stepped out this morning and picked about 5.. then took the scissors to my lettuce & asian greens (see photos below :D) and we had a lovely salad for lunch.  What's really interesting about these?  When we moved in here about a month ago, they were nearly dead.. I was sure they'd never make it!  But something has caused them to really perk up and they have TONS of new growth (I have 4 plants of different varieties) and new flowers & fruit.  It's going into winter here, such as it is, and they show no signs of slowing down.

These are my asian greens, basil, spinach and some parsley.   The asian greens got a bit of a hair cut this morning as I mentioned earlier, so they are a little less bushy now :P  I think that basil is about done for.. it's getting a bit geriatric anyway, so I think I shall chop it back, along with some of my parsley and make a batch of pesto *drool*  The last pic has lettuces, pak choi and a few totally mad parsley plants that are destined to join that basil in the blender.  

After such a busy week, we are spending this weekend totally at home.   Then I think tuesday we have a free group workshop at the large garden/hardware store with some other homeschoolers, and thursday is our long awaited Reptile presentation from these guys!  Sam is going to be absolutely rivetted.. he LOVES lizards and critters.   You can be sure I'll post photos of the day!


Ok.. well there weren't REALLY tigers ;)  But frogs & bunnies were the order of the day around here today!  Yesterday evening while we had coffee on the veranda, the boys discovered a green tree frog hangin around and Sam was just SO enamoured with the little guy that we had to put a nice leafy branch in our small aquarium and keep him overnight to watch.  Sam was quite happily up spritzing him with water to keep him moist at 6am today lol.  Of course he was ALSO quite happily letting the frog ride around the house on his shoulder as well!!    I tried to snap a pic of that, but the red eye reduction flash did it's thing.. froggy had lept over to the counter and I had a pic of Sam looking at an empty spot on his shoulder where an amphibian should have been ;)    

And bloody bigpond cut out yet again, eating the rest of a really great post .. and really pissing me off big time *sigh*  Attempting to soldier on and pick up where it last saved on blogger though!  

Sam is loving the fact that we have wetlands behind our back fence and all these little lovelies come to visit.  We had a bit of a google to learn some more about them and here are a few tidbits you might find interesting!   (science for the day: check!)

1.  The average lifespan of the frog in captivity, about sixteen years, is long in comparison with most frogs.  (wow!  In the wild it's a bit less... snakes, native lizards and birds eat them)

2.  The frog occasionally has small, white, irregularly shaped spots on its back, up to five millimeters in diameter, which increase in number with age. (OMG frogs get grey hair!!! lol)

3.  The skin secretions of the frog have antibacterial and antiviral properties that may prove useful in pharmaceutical preparations.  (interesting although sad to think about the cute little things being tested on.  I'd like to think they live in a nice aquarium and get the occasional swab for secretions and not harmed.. hey, a girl can dream can't she?)

The kids & I hit the shop for a few necessities and ended up stopping by the little sushi place in the mall.  My boys (at least Frodo & Sam) love sushi.  Today they were adventurous and tried new ones,  Frodo went with a tempura prawn and Sam went for avacado.  I lived vicariously through him, as I cannot eat avacado as my gallbladder attempts to murder me every time I do *sigh*    We surprised dad by bringing him some sushi home as well :D

After all this I took off by myself to investigate preschools in the area for Merry.  The poor little guy is just NOT impressed with some of the homeschool outings we go to on Tuesdays & Fridays.. they can be way too long for him, and just aren't geared for the preschool set unfortunately.  So I have decided to give kindy a go with him those two days a week and see how it fits.  He's a very outgoing little guy and I think I'll do just fine.   I'm astonished by the range of prices @@.. from a high of 98bucks a week (for 2 days, AFTER our govt childcare subsidy benefit!) to 62bucks for the same time.  Luckily enough the lower centre is actually one that Frodo & Sam went to a couple of years ago when I worked part time.. and is a pretty good centre.  If it were air conditioned it would be just *perfect* actually.  Oh well, if a day is going to be over 30C I'll just keep him home!

Turns out while I was away the boys spied the neighbors bunny in the backyard, so she was kind enough to bring him over to meet the kids.  I tell you what,  Sam is going to be a zoologist or something like that... I have never seen a 5yo so gentle and wonderful with critters.  And it's not just the cute cuddly ones,  the child even thinks Rhinocerous's are cute LOL.  


I posted a week or so ago about putting a treadmill on layby...well we didn't.. we bought it outright. ;)  I decided now was the time, not in 6 weeks.  I have been using it daily, well.. except for two days where I had a rather nasty tummy bug.  I'm not walking huge distances, or enormous stretches of time just yet... but I AM walking.  I'm pretty darn proud of myself for getting off to a good start.  

Every day I add at least one minute to my time from the day before and today had to tweak the speed up and down a bit because I really didn't feel like I was working hard enough.  My plan is to get to about 40minutes every single day and work my speed up to a 'powerwalk' pace.  I'd say jog, but my dear old knees won't tolerate a jog sadly.  

Walking to nowhere?  I prefer to think of it as being one step closer to a healthier body and a body I can be happy with.  I'm not planning on being Elle or anything, but I don't want my kids to get teased for having a fat mum.  And heck, I'd like to be able to shop in the 'skinny' section  of stores again ;)

Now.. if only I hadn't had that handfull of M&Ms .. but... they were really yummy!!


Today (well where *he* is located anyway) is my 2nd sons' 16th birthday.  He's got himself a flash new keyboard for the computer, an ice cream cake.. and a gift card for amazon on the way from moi.  I'm fairly sure I see more computer toys in his future from his shopping adventures ;)  I wish I could be there with him, but at least I'll get to see him for a couple of weeks this summer!

My oldest (who was in the car accident in December) has been completely released from his physical/occupational therapy!  I don't think ANY of his doctors expected such amazing speed of recovery after what he went through, but I guess he surprised us all.  He's getting cleared by his doc and then plans to just show up at work one morning (his boss has got his job held for him,  only in small town life would a man hold a job for 5months for someone who may not make it back!)  I'm just amazed by him.  He turns  21 in august and I plan to be there for it!

Keyboard batteries dying. will edit and finish later :)

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