Lot's of things have been keeping me busy this past month, leaving not so much time to sit down and blog about how things are going!    I've been working about 20ish hours a week, which is always nice for the bank account lol, but not always so nice for my sanity or sleep!   I'm sitting here feeling a bit poorly (have had a GI disturbance going on most of the week... now a sore throat, just shoot me now?) and watching the Lord of the Rings (first movie tonight :)  so I figure it's a good, quiet time to update.

We're nearing the end of the boys first term as 'school kids' and I can see a lot of progress I'm happy to say.  Frodo has not complained that he doesn't want to go to school in 2 or 3 weeks now.  He had a brief issue with another kid in his class that was eventually brought to light & worked out.  The school & I went back and forth a bit, but I'm mostly okay with how it worked out in the end.  Frodo knows that if the issue occurrs again, exactly what he is to do... and at this point he and the other boy seem to be getting on better.  

Frodo's behaviour in class is still a challenge... he was making progress and then about a week ago he just went south big time.  His teacher and I are touching base every afternoon so I know exactly how he was that day... if it was a bad day, the Nintendo DS doesn't come down from it's shelf.  I hate to take it away, but that is the one thing I could come up with that might be enough motivation for him to try his best.  So far, it's working... this week he has done pretty well .. thank goodness his teacher doesn't expect perfection ;)

Sam made the move to the grade 1 class just after my last post I believe, and he is really thriving there.  His reading is coming along in leaps and bounds and he enjoys the things they do in class.  He has commented that he's 7 now, and he thought only 5 and 6year olds could be in grade 1... but I told him that was only a general rule otherwise schools would spend forever working out where each kid needed to be and never get anything done!  He doesn't seem stressed about it thankfully.

Merry is enjoying his 2 days of preschool a week, and I must admit... so am I lol.  He has a friend in the room next to his that he looks forward to playing with every time he goes :)  He happily races off onto the  playground at drop off time, and just as happily runs to give me a cuddle when he finally notices me at pick up time. 

In just over a week, we will be moving ... conveniently it's just up the road from the school.  The boys are looking forward to walking to school every day!  I'm looking forward to them living in the neighborhood with some of their schoolfriends and being able to hang out socially outside of school.  The house we are going to live in has very little in the way of a yard (pretty typical for the area sadly) but the neighborhood will make up for that we hope.  There are several great parks within a kilometre of where we will be living... one directly across the street even. 

Inconveniently enough, we visited that park and two of three kids got stung by wasps shortly after arrival.  While I recognize that we (as humans) are building into their (as bugs) territory... I will be much happier after the council makes it's visit and moves the wasps along into the nearby bush.  Ok... so they will nuke them I'm sure... but I hope the activity encourages their brethren to STAY the 50metres away in the woods ;)  Either way, once there is more human activity at the park and in the area, I think the critters will decide that they'd be happier elsewhere.

Work, well it's work.  There are to be big changes in our program, but they are slow coming unfortunately.  We had hoped to have it sorted by now, but it appears that I get to pull at least one more weekend of graveyard shifts *SIGH*   And this is that weekend.  *double sigh*   Ah well, I shall take the other LOTR movies, some popcorn and iced tea to keep me company while I wait for the phone to ring.

The hubby has had mostly 4day work weeks in the last month.. he is off tomorrow as well, as there is nothing in the warehouse to deliver except concrete slabs.  So, we've planned a trip to IKEA... it's only 40 minutes away so it's not a TRIP really... just a trip hehe.  We are ditching our sad, 50dollar ebay living room furniture as it's in awful condition, so we're going to have a peek at Ikea.  I've heard a lot of people say good things about their Ektorp range of sofas so we are going to have a test drive.   I've nearly every cent of my pay into saving to help with moving expenses and for just this purpose, so I'm pretty excited to go shopping for it.  And a few other odds & sods.. as one can't go into IKEA and come out with JUST what they went in for lol.. at least not THIS 'one' ;)

Happy spring my northern friends... and to those here with me in the southern hemisphere... bring on Autumn!
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