And I mean ordinary in the Aussie sense of the word "somewhat inferior or below average; mediocre." sayeth anyway. Moving to Australia kinda gave that word a new meaning... back home ordinary simply meant plain, everyday, basic. But ordinary is SO much more discriptive here lol. Our past 36hrs have been Exceeding ORDINARY!

Just after I posted last (and reported we were having our favourite teryaki chicken burritos), those same burritos tried to kill us all. Seriously people. I am never eating chicken again! Frodo woke up at stupid am vomitting and continued to do so until the sun rose, at which point he slept for 4hours and reported he was MUCH better (and could he play age of mythology now since he was still a little sick? lol) DH... oh my.. poor dh. He was SO dehyrated that he looked pale.. dude has the olive skin of an aborigine descendant, so pale is scary on him! Me.. I was very ordinary (there's that word again) I managed to hit the shop for gatorade before the worst of it hit me, but it caught up with me. I spent no more than an hour upright twice during the day. I slept from 11-2pm.. and from 3-6pm..and really I never got up except briefly, until 7am. And needless to say there is NO way dh went to work, and NO way any schoolwork got done.

Our coping mechanism of choice? The Wii! It actually gets put in a bin and up on the top shelf of our closet during the week, else Frodo would think of NOTHING else. But we deemed this enough of a crisis that we hooked it up. The boys were exceptionally good, considering the fact that both of their parents laid around all day like they were dying (in our defence, we weren't sure that was not the case!)

So Tuesday was a total wash. Do-over. Mulligan. FAIL!!!!

Fast forward to Wednesday: The kids were quite obviously BORED, because this morning Frodo pulled out his Catching on to Comprehension without any suggestion from moi, and proceeded to do the whole exercise about cause & effect. Go Frodo!

I was, and still am, slightly dehydrated, thus not feeling 100% yet so I informed the boys it'd be a mellow day. Next thing I know they BOTH have their handwriting practice books and are going at those. *Who are you, and what have you done with my children??* LOL Then they brought their current science books, which were about Mars, to me so we could read them.. this is after I heard Frodo reading a book about the Earth to Sam down the hall even! Frodo did his Mars page in his planets tab book that he is creating. Since they were so amazingly motivated, I rewarded them with a bit of Reading eggs and mathletics time. They totally love these sites.

And then dad came home just in time for lunch. Frodo read, just to me as Sam was off building with lego, the UILE pages on the Americas ancient history. Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs, oh my! lol And even a bit of outdoor time in there. Not such a good idea for me though, watering veggie pots = breaking out in a sweat!

For a 'mellow' day, it sure seems like a lot got done? How'd that happen?! DH & I are still not up for eating anything substantial, so it was soup & toasty cheese sandwiches tonight to the boys delight. I was THRILLED to see Merry dip his sandwich in tomato soup and EAT it. (you'd have to know this child to know how exciting it is. He doesn't eat ANYTHING except sandwiches, yogurt & spagetti.. and cookies @@. So ANYTHING new is good!)

Speaking of Merry, he'll be making a lot more appearances here since Friday is his LAST day at kindy! He won't be 'formally' homeschooling, since he's 3.5 :P But I will definitely have to organize activities for him to do while his brothers work, so that he feels included. EEK no pressure! (suggestions are good, if you've got cool ideas, hook me up in comments!)

This day hasn't been THAT ordinary I guess, the kids got a lot done... the majority of that without much effort out of ME it seems!
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  1. lol THAT just about sums it up Kylie! Tuesday = awful. Wed= bit better at least ;)

  2. Pebblekeeper Says:

    Fun site! Thanks for Hopping over to mine! We used Playdough and kid scissors alot during learning times with younger brother. It was the only time he could use them, and he loved making snake shapes and then cutting them up. :) We've been sick - today is one week, and I feel like I'm climbing out of some cave that I was abducted into - It will be interesting to "see" what happened to my family while I was gone. :)

  3. Todd Says:

    Sorry about the sickies :-( Hope you all are on the mend quickly. It does sound like quite the busy day, as ordinary it was promoted. lol

  4. Pebblekeeper, playdoh & cutting are huge hits here too! As are certain flap books that he loves but needs to learn gentleness with! I am planning to choose one and offer that to him when I need to help the brothers and see if maybe the sense of being kind to the book comes with feeling like it's a treat :)

    Todd.. yeah.. funny that lol. From MY perspective it seemed rather ordinary.. but as I typed I realized just how much really did get done!