Ok, so I am SERIOUSLY slack about doing my weekly wrap ups on Fridays.. but at least I AM doing them right? lol   And this week it's ONLY Saturday night, not Sunday evening ;)   One of these days, I'll post this on Friday night and the world might just blink out of existence!  We had 1-1.5days off due to food poisoning ripping  through the house, but the rest of the week was pretty productive.

Math:  Both boys did a couple of pages of review on their lesson 18 in MUS.  Frodo is working on column adding up to the 1000's place as well as rounding and estimating.  He's having a bit of trouble with carrying 10's to the next place *immediately* and he forgets to.  So I figured a bit of review was good :)   He also spent a fair bit of time on Mathletics and did really well with it.  Lots of money skills came up through his questions and he did GREAT with them!

Sam is working on adding 10's (as in 10+ 50=60.. with MUS that reads 1T + 5T= 6T or onety + five-ty = sixty) Sam and I also practiced his skip counting by 2's by singing the skip counting song from MUS and by counting coins.  After he counted them, he identified them as well.   

Merry has been watching 'Count Us In', which is an ABC program with muppets all about counting.  He loves it and counts all day long after it's been on lol. 

Language arts:  Frodo did his Catching on to Comprehension all by himself this week, cause & effect was the theme this week.  He also did Grammar Once a Week and Spelling matters as well. He's been doing a fair bit of our reading for history & science as well as reading small amounts of The Belgariad to Sam in the evenings.   He did a couple of his cursive handwriting workbook pages independently as well.  I intended to get around to having him write a new letter to his pen pal, as the last one got coffee spilled on it before it was mailed and DH forgot to inform me that he'd had to throw it out!  (sorry Liz, I didn't know it never went out!)  We'll get on that tomorrow afternoon or Monday after art! 

Sam went through a couple of lessons on Reading Eggs and he and I worked on the letter sounds he's covered so far.  But honestly, he's only half getting it.  I'm thinking he's just not the cerebral type and might be a little later of a reader.  Which is just fine with me because he's pretty on target everywhere else!   He finished a couple of handwriting pages as well, and practiced on his whiteboard.

Science:   This week we read up on Mars, which Sam has decided is his FAVOURITE planet.  I'm quite surprised by that actually, as orange is his favourite colour so I thought the orangy yellow of Venus would win his heart lol.  Frodo is still working on his tab book as well, each page has mini quizzes about the planet in question that he does as we get to it.  Science was light this week as Tuesday is usually a science day and we were dying.

History:  This week it was reading on the Aztecs and Olmecs, the ancient cultures in the Americas (both north & south).  For some reason we did NOT get the map work or vocabulary definition done, so those will roll over to Tuesday or Wednesday coming up.  At the moment we are just wrapping up the Ancients so that in a couple of weeks we can start Medieval history! Now THAT is something I can't wait to get into!   

Art:  The boys both had their art class on Monday and finished up their self portraits!  They are really good, especially as their first art ever actually of a face :)   They were quite proud of them and i think I may find some inexpensive frames and hang them up.  

I'm not sure what the second part of Frodo's class was.. but I know Miss Liz had clay!  So I'm sure they'll get into that this week.  Sam started a printing project.  It's another portrait, this time done in 3d with fabric samples and twine and buttons.. and well, just about anything else bumpy or lumpy!  This week they will roller paint onto it and 'print' it in their art books.  The goal is to do several prints in different colours ala Andy Warhol sorta!  

This is Frodo's self portrait.   With a bit of an abstract background going on there.  He did quite good, his only issue was that his ears appear to be up a TAD high on his head hehehe.  But a VERY good first go at a realistic face!  

Sam's portrait is all dressed up in a police costume and looking awesome.  In the pic up there, he's busy giving himself hair.

Health & PE:   Gymnastics class on Monday.  Both boys went very well in their classes, but you can tell the teacher is not happy to be teaching the classes :(   This monday is the last class for the term, and in May when the kids start up again (long break unfortunately!) they will have a teacher with a lot more experience dealing with kids.  ALso swim class on Sunday morning,  Sam is ALMOST ready to move up to the same class as Frodo yet again!  Frodo moves up and I think it motivates Sam to bust his butt to catch up! lol

Social stuff:   Tons of time on the playground before & after Monday classes with their mates. Trip into the shops to hang out & have a bakery treat and visit the playground there.  The boys also had their cousin over for a small birthday celebration and spent time introducing her to their pet rats hehehe. 

ICT/Technology:  Both boys used their various online membership websites (mathletics, rainforest maths, Reading eggs) They also played a bit of wii as Sam got a very cool new underwater diving game for his birthday.   And a bit of Age of Mythology was played as well hehe.

I know there is more I'd usually write here, but it's been a busy day & my brain is frazzled.  So I got nothin' people.  

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  1. Kez Says:

    Sounds like a great week!

  2. Todd Says:

    Busy week, for sure

  3. Thanks guys, and it was DEFINITELY busy. This week is going to be no quieter... and you can be sure the weekly wrap will be HUGE.. as we are going to DREAMWORLD!!! on Friday! WOOT!