I'm sure I mentioned my Sam being VERY upset that his turn in the maths workshop ended before he got the opportunity to have a go with a certain item that he had become enamoured with.  He was really  REALLY sad.  And I felt really bad, because he had waited paitently for the workshop organizer to get to him to answer his questions on other games.. and a couple of times it took SEVERAL minutes, which really ate into his fun time!

 I hate that he missed out on something that he wanted to do, merely because he had to wait around on a grown up who was actually there *to* help him.  (mild grumble in that she spent a lot of time showing games to other adults that IMO should have been spent helping the children, or at least showing the adults so THEY could help the children ya know?)  So,  I commenced to searching the web for this particular item.  Not knowing the NAME of said thing really didn't help lol.  But it's amazing what typing ' magnetic geometric construction toy' can come up with!   Almost immediately I found it!  Then I set about finding it HERE in Australia.. again, located it straight away.  

Google, I love you.  

THIS is the object of Sam's affections ...   

 And I am going to buy it for him.  His birthday is this coming week, and he will be ecstatic that mum would not have him miss out because some lady was too busy to help him.   Thus making me the hero!

It can be found here . (and various places on the web in the US, as well as evilbay, of course!)  

I think... that I may just have to slip one of these onto the order as well.  They have challenge cards that you can work through to build some pretty incredible things!  Frodo had a ball with those yesterday, so they'll be a winner around here as well. 

I'm a tad concerned that my house may start to look like an educational store soon LOL.

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  1. Kez Says:

    Ooooh - they do look like fun!!