And I'm just not coming out until everything that is harassing me goes AWAY!!!!!!!!    Sam managed a lot better with his cough last night, but Merry was up and in our bed rockin a nasty temp again at midnight.  He blathers on and on when he's like that.. and he couldn't lay still to save his life (or my nights' sleep for that matter)  In a game of musical beds, dh retreated to Merrys' bed again leaving me to battle it out with squirmy butt.  

This morning it's raining it's arse off again.. no signs of stopping.  I had to rig up a bodgy lint filter replacement for the clothes dryer (we never use it except in dire circumstances... like weeks of rain) so I'm pleased to say when I pull the car out of the garage today, it will not snow little fluff balls of lint as I drive away LOL.    And yes, it's a SAFE bodgy substitute lint filter.. never fear ;)

At 1245 the boys and I are off to the docs.  I think 3 days & nights of a fever that won't stay down is quite enough.  And Sam is supposed to have a follow up anyway, so they are sharing an appt.  Dr. Kenny is pretty good about that (odd, but down here doctors generally prefer to be called Dr. First name ... especially in GP offices.  I'd imagine your avg neurosurgeon might warrant a Dr. HoityToityLastName)  

School got cancelled today, not by me, I was up and ready to go... when I checked my email.  I'll interrupt here for a little backstory, as I thought I had posted about it on my blog... but apparently it was my FORMER blog.  Which no longer exists.   Long story relatively short ;)  In 2007-8 we had an electricity provider than proved to be utterly incompetant.  I spent months calling them fortnightly to try to get a bill, and finally had to bring in the Industry Ombudsman to get them to do their job & bill me (how eff'd is that??).  It took NINE months.  So not surprisingly, the bill was $1297!!!  I set up payment plan, told them to stuff it and changed providers. Last March I gleefully paid the last installment and considered the bill done with.

Well the company went into recievership (bankruptcy basically) and I got a call recently about an alleged 183 bucks owed.  I said no worries, I have documentation of every payment I made totalling up to 1297bucks, which I sent him by email.  TODAY, I get an email stating the last 3payments were never credited to our acct, so would I still be making those payments?  UM HELLO  WTF?!?! 

*DEEP cleansing breath*  So I hit internet banking, cut & pasted the lines from my statement showing the bpay reciept #s (bless you bpay, because *I* lost our paperwork in the move!) and informed him that here was proof that the money left my acct, and went to their acct.  That I did my job, it's just too bad for Jack Green that THEY did not do theirs!  (I closed with, 'In short, no the payments will not be made *again*, as they have already been made and I have proof of this'  ... just for a little snark).   Then rang dh who rang the dude and gave him the run down of the situ, then rang the Ombudsman who can't do much, and am sitting here considering ringing legal aid to find out what my rights are!   I know it doesn't sound like a big deal... but I stressed over this for 9months trying to GET the bill, then paid it off dutifully, and am getting harassed a year later over it.  The amount of stress at the time was immense, and now it's coming back all over again.

So yeah, school is out for the day due to mum having her guts completely tied in knots *sigh*  and doctors appts.    The boys DID, however, find a sweet lego airport set in a sales ad.   Upon my telling them that no, we would not be rushing out to buy it, they pondered for a minute... then ran off saying they could build one, but have to design it first!  So they sat at the table with paper & crayons and sketched out an airplane (complete with individual blocks in a grid) and then proceeded to build something that looked VERY much like their design.   Now they are wii bowling while mum pulls herself together.   This could take a while....@@

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3 Responses
  1. Todd Says:

    Sorry about the kids not feeling well and having to go to the doctor :-(

    What a stupid elec. company! *grr*

    10 years ago, after 6 months of not getting a bill, the credit card company sent us a notice saying we were 6 months behind. We said, "We never got a bill", they said we should have contacted them. We said, "Uh, no, if you wanted your money you really should send us a bill". Like, yeah, we just WANT to send money to someone because we're just so damn generous... NOT. LOL.

  2. LOL I hear ya Todd! I want to send them my money when they do their job & present me with a bill for services rendered. It's a crying shame that this company has treated SO many customers so badly! But it's not really all that rare in the business world I guess :(

  3. Kez Says:

    Sorry to hear you're having a rough time atm :(