I really do think it's the simple things in life that make me happiest :)  Today hubby & I were cleaning, since not much of THAT has been done while everyone has been sick (and we've been sleep deprived!).  There are a few places that NEVER seem to be tidy.. one of those is our bedroom lol (but no, I did not tackle it today), another is the kitchen bench where the phone & water filter live.   I have high hopes of getting a couple of bar stools for the family room side of the counter, but the MESS that lived there would have made them pointless.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a before picture, but oh well.  There was a fruit bowl there, without fruit... but it DID hold massive piles of CRAP!   In it were: a zillion tiny letters that went to a business stamper, a WAD of christmas ornament hooks (don't EVEN ask how), and those were tangled up amongst an old mobile phone usb cord and one of those silly vertical blind chains!  Add to that many pens, a few crayons, a random spare key and more absurd little bits of paper than I cared to count.. and yeah.  It was a mess.  

THIS is what it looks like now!  The area on the right side of the counter was the offending corner.  Now there is nothing there but a phone :D    Of course, one of the boys came along just a second before I took the pic and deposited his water cup on the bench *scowl*   I left the offending bowl there, but rest assured it will be finding a new home so that it can't play black hole again, and suck in any surrounding items!  

If you enlarge that pic, you'll see my very favourite Fat Cat cookie jar... He's got a tiny crack around the rim, so he doesn't get used.  But he DOES get loved.  I have to smile every time I look up at him hehehe.  Also there are the awesomely cool medieval style wine goblets mum gave us for our anniversary.. love them!  I feel like I ought to slip into one of my renaissance costumes when I bring them out ;)  I think they definitely call for something 'wenchly', don't you? 

 This is another simple thing.  When you have 3 sickish boys, you will do almost anything to stop the whinging and make them forget about being sick... even for a little while!   Nick Jr. to the rescue!!!    As you can see it had everyone rivetted,  'cept Sam, who had to cheesy grin for me.   Oh.. and all that crap you can see on my desk in front of the boys?  THAT got decluttered today too.  Yeah, what can I say, I'm on a roll!  

The most exciting simple thing though, at least for today, was not so simple lol.  I have tried numerous times to add a related posts function to this blog but it never worked.  I've been through numerous tutorials on how to do it and could never figure out what went wrong.  Well, after attacking the kitchen AND my desk, I decided to reward myself with a little time wasted on the web.  I stumbled across another way to add related posts and grudgingly tried it.. and it worked!!!  Go Me! lol    I thought it would be neat to have so that some of my new blogosphere friends can, if they have time to blow ;),  can read other posts and get to know me and my Hobbits a little better.  

So please, have a wander around!   With that.. I do believe I'll crank out a cuppa and go reading some of my favourite blogs myself. 

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