Is what I have been for the last week or so, sorry about that!   We had a houseguest for about 5 days, and while it's nice to have company... it's also nice when they go home and you get your house back.  lol    We didn't really 'do' anything for Easter...our rabbits & bunnies holiday occurrs in the Spring, so this Autumn thing just doesn't work for me! (not that it FEELS much like Autumn.. still 29C here!)  We did, however, buy a few cadbury's creme eggs.. and a chocolate buzz lightyear for each of the boys ;)   Who can turn down a good excuse to have chocolate?  My DH swears that *easter* chocolate tastes different to 'regular' chocolate,  so it had to be done.. just in case he is right!

I've also spent a bit of time doing some school paperwork.  I am changing how we are registered soon, so I'm re-writing our program and such.  If you remember the massive amount of paperwork that I posted I had to do on the 'Regulations for HS in your state' blog hop, you'll be pleased to know I won't have to do that anymore lol.   It came down to drama, and a 'higher up' in the organization I was with having a bit of a God complex.. or power tripping.. or something.   So, I'll be registered with the state shortly and have to do significantly less reporting and have nobody in my business most of the time.

I ALSO have been on a decluttering kick the last couple of days.  My closet is clean, I'm donating toys & clothes (from all of us) to charity, we're taking the old dining set & sofa that are in the garage to Lifeline tomorrow. 

Coming up next week, is Treasure Map time again...( a brief summary of Treasure Mapping is you make a collage or other visual representation, of the things you want to manifest into your life in the coming year.)  TM's are done in the Aries new moon, as it's the time for beginnings/planting seeds.  In the time before the new moon, the idea is to clear the clutter!  If you want to bring new things/experiences etc into your life.. there has to be ROOM for them!   It might sound a bit hokey to some.. but I've had a TM hanging over my dresser for the last 3 years (new ones each year) and I've manifested some interesting things during that time.  And 'things' is a broad term... new friendships, relationship changes, new hobbies, experiences etc all qualify for a spot on the Treasure map.   I look at my map daily when I get up and focus on it, only briefly, to remind myself & the universe what is on the way to my life.  I think it also helps a lot to keep my goals firmly planted in my own mind :)  I can't work toward something that I can't identify & visualize!

I think the night before TM 2010 starts, I will sit down with my map for the past year and list off all the things I have brought to be in the last year... it'll be quite a list!  

The boys are on 'holidays' at the moment, so we're not technically doing any schoolwork... although this morning Frodo came in and ASKED to do Math U See! LOL  So back to work Monday I believe.. he's getting bored.  I ordered our new History Odyssey books, and got a slew of great ones from the library as well.. so we're fully stocked on awesome reading material!   

2 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Interesting to read about the Treasure Map - I made a vision board / treasure map collage for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. I made it in Photoshop and have it as the background on my computer so I see it every day.

  2. Todd Says:

    Good luck manifesting.