is not phenergan, as one would think.  So, after a trip to the doc this morning, Frodo has an ear infection and an area in one lung that the doc said sounded... off.  He said the air didn't seem to be moving in & out as well as it should, but that it could be due to him not fully understanding how he needed to breathe for the doc to listen.  He's also substantially dehydrated,  as in doc said if we can't get the spewies under control and fluid into him, we are to make an emergency room visit tonight.   YIKES.  

I hit the chemist for the required drug products, and a chupa chup for Samwise who was about to come unglued that I wouldn't buy him more sunglasses @@ and came home.  I got some liquid phenergan into him, but  about 45mins later up came all the water he drank behind it *sigh*   About this time Dad comes home from work.. we give him his first dose of amoxil and hubby looks at this see through little waif that is his oldest and says 'would you like to play on the computer?'  Instantly the child *perks* and even as I say he'll never put the bowl down to do it... Frodo pops the bowl on the kitchen counter and wanders down the hall to the computer.  I brought the bowl *just in case*.  Then I went for a nana nap as I was utterly exhausted.

3hours later I wake up to hearing him discuss the intricacies of The Legend of Zelda with Sam.  This is the same child that chucked all the way to, and from the docs.. several times after getting home as well.  Yet here he sits playing Zelda.   Is it possible that I have made a new medical discovery .. distraction?  lol   At this point, if we don't have to take the poor guy in for an IV of fluids,  I'll take whatever works!

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6 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    lol, I'll keep that in mind!

    Fingers crossed you don't have to make an emergency room visit tonight - they are not fun!

  2. It's looking pretty good Kez, he's been asleep for a couple of hours. We managed to get phenergan, nurofen and amoxil into him (thankfully he ate a sammich or his poor tum!) and he's kept water/gatorade down :)

  3. Kez Says:

    YAY! Fingers crossed it continues!

  4. Sending healing thoughts to Frodo (and hope that nobody else gets sick)!

  5. nothing wrose than a puking kid. I'm a fan of zofran, but at $20 a pill - I think next time we'll try Zelda. :)

    Hope he's feeling 100% soon!

  6. LOL one z or another will do the trick ;)

    Wendy.. TOO late *sigh* Merry has had temps and been a very unhappy camper since last night. I have the most crap luck with sickness lately!