You know the ones,   wake up at 4am (because  dear hubby's mobile alarm goes off to the tune of Jimmy Barnes singing about working class men) with a roaring headache.  The offending DH medicates you with motrin to minimize the hell that this will unleash upon the day, which is much appreciated, but you still can't get back to sleep!  Finally I doze a little only to hear a delightful (insert dripping sarcasm here) hacking coming from down the hall.. in chorus even!   Rolling over I'm confronted with a big wide eyed 3yr old who says 'NO wanna cuddle' when I try to give him a hug... but then seconds later gushes and smooches me saying 'I wub you toooo'.   Yes bubby, I wub you lol.

It's decided pretty much right off that we won't be going to the big homeschool get together because both boys have mad faucet nose and chesty coughs.  *grumble*  But Merry is finally over HIS crud, so he's off to kindy.  The other two rat bags & I stopped at the bakery and grabbed a cheddarmite scroll to medicate their melacholy moods over the change in plans.  But they didn't want to make all their mates sick, so they understand. 

The Usborne Art Treasury provided a morning filler, they did a pastel/watercolour in the style of Paul Klee.. whom I must admit having never heard of before :O  The camera has gone awol so I have no photos of their work yet.   We watched a super cool documentary on the Life of mammals... Frodo is in love with kangaroo rats (who look like tiny fat kangaroos, honest lol) and Sam thinks that the very ugly naked mole rat is his favourite...he liked it 'because it's not very pretty and not many people probably like it, so I will so it doesn't feel left out'.  This kid is something else  lol.  I am proud to say that I think he would be the nice kid that befriends the 'different' child at the playground.   I need to try hard to remember these moments when he has me pulling my hair out on a bad day.  

Frodo did  a bit of math, and 'taught' Sam a little subtraction, which I heard from the clothesline as I hung laundry out ;)  The little things you catch when they think you aren't looking are very sweet.  Sam constructed with playdoh, fed & played with the rats, and watered the veggies.  He was VERY excited to tell me that HIS corn was as tall as his knees now!  Later we plan to bake chocolate chip cookies (but I think that will be after a nana nap for mum,  4am is awfully early!) Frodo says he'll read a magic treehouse book with his brother while I have a rest, isn't that nice of him? :)  If he isn't naggy, I may let them 'play' on skwirk or bigpond kids for half an hour, which would make their day.

All in all, it's a pretty darn unstructured day here... but the little buggers still managed to learn plenty about rodents, a little math, have a good time experimenting with art and will do some measuring and baking to boot.   Isn't it amazing what learning can look like? 

What started out as a deep sigh kinda day, is turning into a brilliant one.  Hope you're all having the latter kind as well!


4 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    sounds like a pretty cool day to me. Hope they are all feeling better soon.

  2. Kez Says:

    Barnsey at 4am would *not* be a great start to the day! Sounds like it turned out well though!

    I just found your blog via Athena Academy - we're also Aussie homeschoolers.

  3. mrsb Says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  4. Thanks Kyle :) Everyone is a little better, lets hope it continues!

    Glad you found me Kez, Kylie up there is another Aussie homeschooler :D

    Mrs B, you're a fine one to talk lol, you're over there trying to do yourself in one body part at a time! ;)