It doesn't take much to get me excited about Halloween (even though we really don't have much of one here in Australia) but todays trip to Spotlight did the trick!    (ok, Mrs. B's 31 Days is helping too lol)  I was supposed to go out with a girlfriend and pick up some cutesy crafty stuff for me & the boys to use to bedeck our altar/nature table for Spring.  But alas she wasn't well, so I had to venture out by myself.   Off I went, armed with an iced coffee and cash card.   Imagine my giddy surprise when I saw this...

Of course that's just the coolest of the stuff they had.. there were stickers and skeletons and 'scene setters' (which are essentially plastic/paper rolls that wrap your walls for a dungeon feel) and horns on barettes and black roses :D  I picked up a few bits & peices,  how could I resist a beson pen?? and scary skull cupcake papers!  TINY celtic cross tombstones.. does it get any cooler!?!?!   I'm also planning on making these with the kids for a rockin' Halloween display table.

My trip out also netted me a $1 tomato plant,  a couple of small terracotta pots (one of which now houses silk tulips on the Spring nature table/altar, and one of which I believe shall corral the various writing utensils that wander around the flat surfaces of my home :).  For the boys I got some little mdf flowers that I'm going to let them paint and then dremmel holes into them to make a garland.  And a 4 pack of blueberry vodka cruisers, which is neither here nor there (but 1/4 in my stomach at the moment though lol)

 And with that I shall go make a delicious dinner of a bit of bbq chicken (complete with the oh so bad for me, but really effing tasty Sonny's sauce I brought home from the states), fresh corn on the cob and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce!  Then I shall venture onto the veranda with the other half of those cruisers (ha.. only one for me, I will be taking hubby along ;) and enjoy the quiet of the evening.  

Be well my friends!

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3 Responses
  1. I'm so excited about Samhain and Halloween!!! I just want to decorate NOW - not to wait until the 1st. Heh heh, but I'm restraining myself. A little.

    What cool stuff you found. Does this mean your house is decorated, or you're moving in that direction?

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. Not decorated yet Wendy, but I do believe we will do a little sprucing up, err.. down, for the month ;) It's a bit strange with it being Spring here and technically not Samhain (but the American in me cannot let go of Oct 31 is Halloween!).. but it's all good fun anyway. There is even a big Halloween street party by the bay that we'll go to (if the council keeps it going this year!)

  3. I am trying desperately to hold off a bit on Samhain decor, but of course I am secretly collecting items and ideas. The last week of Sept. I'll organize things so I can put them up for Oct 1. You're getting me all excited by posting about it!