Today Frodo and Sam were SUPPOSED to have swim lessons... Sam woke up saying he was sick, only to feel lots better despite a little temperature.  Later in the morning Frodo came into the room with the rosiest cheeks I've ever seen.  Yep, fever *sigh*.    Sam perks up quickly, but when Frodo gets sick, he goes down like a ton of bricks unfortunately.  That was how we ended up homeschooling to begin with actually.. now that he's home it happens less, or at least it did.  We've had a lot of 'teh crud' running rampant through our house since MY run in with pneumonia in May, and we just can't seem to get rid of it.

So the lovely folks at the swim centre were kind enough to push their lesson start date ahead till next week, so we don't have to reschedule the missed class because it's like there wasn't one :)   Since we weren't going to swim, we had another problem.  A while back dh got one of the boys a lego police motorcycle,  they all play with it and Sam & Merry covet it depending on who has it at the time.  It has been the very centre of their lives for a while now.  It BROKE... what good is a bike with one wheel?!?!  So dad promised them after swim, we'd go to the shop where we got it and get them ALL one (since they were on sale for 7.50 each woot!)   

So *I* end up getting shafted into going into town for said bikes.  Bogus!  DH did at least bake chocolate chip cookies with the boys, but still *grumble*.   My fee for doing this however, was a coffee at Gloria Jeans and a wander through Borders books.   Let me start by saying I was not impressed by their paganism section.. back in the states it's a reasonable section (and even in the Borders in the CBD), but this one?  POV.  *and* it was labeled on the shelf as 'black magic'.  SRSLY.  I need a pissed off smilie to put right here.  I'm thinking a strongly worded letter to the manager is in order, because that's just crap.  

Ok.. I'm over it, for now.  After that disappointment I had a wander through their rockin', but rather pricey, kids section.  All sorts of cool stuff there!  But I buy books for the kids all the time.. I wanted a book for ME ME ME!  After a wander through the aisles I came to the gardening section, perfect!   I grabbed an armload of books that looked interesting, and as there were no nearby chairs, plonked down right on the carpet in the aisle and proceeded to have a browse.  I ended up leaving with this...

 which is just fabulous!  It's similar to the US book 'Square foot gardening' ... although written for Aussies, and is based on the metre instead ;)   There are great garden plans for different types of squares (pizza square garden anyone?  Summer stir fry, winter stir fry, 'anti-cancer' squares packed with antioxidants, pea & bean squares, Aztec squares (basically a 3 sisters garden with corn, squash/pumpkin, and climbing beans).  Little mini maps of each one showing you how much you can fit and how to plant it so it looks nice to boot.    

There are compost tips, and info on all sorts of veggies, pest control tips & companion planting ideas.   I'm just in geeky gardening heaven.. almost enough to forget the absurd prices of books like this here lol.   I fully intend to settle in with my new book and a cuppa.  Considering half my house is sick yet again, I don't think I'll have any outings to interrupt my reading for a few days :S 

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  1. Kez Says:

    Oooh that book looks good!

  2. I miss the discount book stores back home... Most of my book buying now happens on Amazon, although there ARE Pagan books at the BX (Base Exchange).

    They are under "Miscellaneous". That's a bit better than "Black Magic", I think. A bit.

    Next to the sex books here. One-stop shopping.

    I hope Sam and Frodo are both feeling MUCH better soon, and that you enjoy your new gardening book!

  3. lol @ one stop shopping! Awesome that they have reading material for just about everyone at the px though :)

    Frodo still not well, poor guy is crashed in my bed with the sickie bowl *sigh* Gonna be a long week.

    So far the book is great Kez :D

  4. ROFL @ "one stop shopping"!

    I'm sorry to hear Frodo still isn't feeling well. There is a lot of stuff going around here in good 'ol Maine, USA, so we're upping our vitamin C and whatnot. Let's hope it helps to keep illnesses away or at least very short-lived!