See these adorable little smiling faces?  Well today we are divesting ourselves of the bigger two for almost a complete 24hr period!  How did we accomplish this?  Grandparents!  Is that not one of the more awesome words in the English language?   The boys think the sun shines out of their nana's backside (ok, well that's my interpretation... I'm pretty sure they don't get quite that detailed lol but suffice it to say they think she rocks!) 

They have their weekly swim class tomorrow morning, Nan is the one that found this place and it kept the boys occupied the entire 17days I was away in the States.  Sam should go up to the kickers class with Frodo after this week, which he's very excited about.  Last week was their first class of the 'block' (before that they were casual).  When they joined the school they got their very own bag to store their swim hat & goggles in as well as cart their towel & rashies to & from class in.   Sam was quite thrilled with that, and then quite sulky as I put the bag UP as little brother wanted a bag too!  He'll be very happy when I hand it to him to pack his gear in for the overnighter :D

  The little guy will come home with us, we'll do some boring grocery shopping on the way and maybe pick up some not so boring fancy scones at the bakery for him (the raspberry & white chocolate chip ones are particularly NOM) and then enjoy a wonderfully peaceful night.  We might even be able to watch a movie uninterrupted by arguing and the I don't wanna go to bed whinges!  

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  1. Todd Says:

    Glad to hear they get along so well with the grandparents :-) Congrats to them doing so well in the swimming classes! :)