Yes, shocking, I'm posting twice in one day!   But I have a good excuse :D  The other day I was out and found some seriously cheap oil pastels so I picked up a set... 48 colours of fun!   The kids have this book  that we like to use for art projects.  It has a 20 or so artists that it covers, with a bit of a bio as well as a little about their work.  Then it gives instructions & a materials list to create your own works in their style.   Our lack of oil pastels was rather limiting as several of the cooler projects use them.. so the boys were stoked with my find.

The artists vary from Aboriginal artists, to Georgia O'keefe and Matisse and then some.   This day, we chose Kandinsky.  Partly because the pastels were heavily used :)  and partly because the project was something Samwise could do without feeling discouraged!   Even a 5 year old can draw circles and watercolour, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  

I had the boys fold their paper in half longways, then in 3rds across that, creating 6 squares.  Then they chose bright coloured pastels and made concentric circles in each square.  After they finished that they painted each square with watercolours, making sure to only paint that square and not to put two the same colour next to each other.    Below are their results!

Samwise's  Kandinsky style art :D

Frodo's version below!

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  1. Kylie Says:

    I have seen this a few times now and they always look great! I must get myself that book, it is on my wishlist.

  2. Kylie, it's a awesome book! Trust me that the kids would love it... nearly as much as mum lol.

  3. These are adorable! We use "Discovering Great Artists", which has a similar format. Oil pastels are a good idea. Must add them to my shopping list. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:
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  5. Love them! I was just about to post the kids' artwork as well, although ours is much less sophistocated! They look like they were fun for your boys to do!

  6. LOL well MOST of the kids artwork involves chopping up random cardboard, colouring it and taping it into an Omnitrix or some such ;) (Ben 10, thanks for that @@) So really, this is one of our first ventures into 'sophisticated'

    I think they enjoyed it because it wasn't sit & listen art.. it was fold this, DO that, now create kind of art! I even told Frodo he could do other shapes etc but he liked the circles ;)

  7. Kylie Says:

    It is on my Fishpond Wish List, but it is growing so big that it is hard to know what to buy first lol! Borders had The Usborne Book of Art Ideas so I grabbed that over the weekend when I was there. It has some good ideas in it too. Oh books.....I need more bookshelves hehehe

  8. Borders is of the debil, I'm sure of it Kylie LOL. I never fail to leave there with several items and a whole lot less in my bank acct lol. I don't have that Usborne art book, is there a park day next week? If we can make it i'll bring mine to share if you bring yours :D