This sickness just.will.not.go!  When I posted a few days ago I was sure that a handy round of antibiotics would fix me up.  But alas, it has not.  Sure the fever finally went down, but I think if I cough one more time, there may be a lung laying on my desk. SRSLY.   My throat is now raw to the point that I cannot speak above a whisper.. and I'm having a hot & heavy affair with this guy name Vicks.  Ok, so I'm just getting up close & Personal with his butter menthol lozenges... I feel like I should buy stock or something.  But then, when I get well, the market for his product would crash leaving me broke.  So maybe not.  

The world seems to be passing me by...Since I've been sick Patrick Swayze left world for the 'Road House in the sky'.  Celeb deaths usually don't bother me for beans.. but he was a true legend.  Why?  For his 35yr marriage to the love of his life.. that seriously needs to be listed at the top of his 'Body of Work' in my opinion.  A giant dust storm swept across New South Wales and then on to us here in Queensland, and on to New Zealand as well.  A woman got pregnant....while she was already pregnant.  And  apparently there's more to Lady Gaga than we knew (as if anyone cares? lol)  How dare the world keep turning while I am laid low! lol

SO many projects have gotten sidelined while I fight the good fight, but honest.. I think in a few more days I'll be human again.  I hope so, cause there's Halloween crafts to paint, and swim lessons to attend (and business tax to be done *shudder*) and being sick is just plain BORING!!!!!

Send healthy thoughts plz :) 

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7 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    oh you really sound very cruddy. I hope things start looking up soon.

  2. Kez Says:

    Yuck :( Hope Mr Vicks fixes you soon!

  3. lol kez, he's treating me well ;)

    Kylie, yeah I'm just stunned at how bad this is, yet it's not pneumonia. @@ I've not been able to leave the house since the 16th as thats when it started. I've given up on any activities till we all get over this crap and am even keeping the little dude home from kindy so he doesn't bring anything else home! I think one more virus/bacteria entering this house would do me in *sigh*

    That picture up top? that's me, honest ;)

  4. What's a "Lady Gaga"?

    Ok, I'm kidding there. I'm with you on having no interest in her whatsoever.

    Tea. Drink lots and lots of tea!!! Get better!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're so sick. Since you have a lifetime supply of Vicks already, have you tried the feet trick for coughs? I swear it works! Coat the bottom of your feet with a layer of Vicks. Put on some cotton socks (this works particularly well at bedtime). Voila! It really helps with coughs. I don't know the science behind it, but I am convinced it is not just "all in the mind", because I did this to my 1 year old son when he had a bad cough right before bed and he slept fine. For myself, when I had a nasty cough, I had to reapply around 1am to get through the rest of the night, but it was definately worth the 5 minutes it takes to do!

  6. yep, witchy mom's right. she suggested it to me and it worked almost immediately. and it's a good thing, cause it sounds like a seal in heat over here.

    hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Believe it or not lol, I have tried putting it on my feet! We used to do it all the time for congestion with the kids but it's been a total let down for me *pout* I do love the stink of it though lol so I do it anyway ;)

    Thanks for popping round to listen to me whinge ladies ;)