We here in Queensland don't really get four terribly distinct seasons.  We have SUMMER and either Almost Summer, or Just Past Summer ;)   Our winter is a pale imitation of the real thing, with days still hanging out in the 60F ish range, although it does at least pretend to be chilly at night!   But September the 1st was our first 'technical' day of spring so I thought I would share a brief (and blurry, it appears) glimpse of what a semi tropical springtime is like.

These are random Springy pics from my sad excuse for a garden.  The first is a Grevillia,  which I love as it will eventually attract the local Rainbow Lorikeet population.   

Then there is this tiny shrub in my garden, which is covered with lovely tiny white flowers.  I have no idea what it is, but it's gorgeous.

This is our back fence, and the trees just past it.  When I left here on July 28, they were naked twigs and Queensland was firmly in the grasp of  Winter, or our excuse for winter anyway ;)  A week after I arrived home, this is what they looked like.  They exploded into a riot of beautiful bright green, all but overnight!    I think if I never left my house I could track time just by watching these trees... soon the bright green will turn to the darker, more mellow green of summer.  There will probably be flowers as well.   They are like my own little Wheel of the Year :)

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse of a Queensland spring,  by the time you have read this it will most likely have passed into summer.. no matter what the calendar says.

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3 Responses
  1. How lovely to be welcoming spring, as we transition into autumn. It is getting cooler in evenings and mornings here, and I love it.

    Happy Spring!

  2. I love spring! My hubby, who is from QLD, jokes that they have "dry summer", "Wet summer" and "less hot summer" for seasons! LOL!

  3. LOL Witchy mom that is EXACTLY it :D Funny you married someone from here, and live in the US. I'm from the US, married someone from Qld ...aren't we a pair :)