Ok not quite *searches for the funky sick dude jpeg but gives up in disgust*  You'll remember him from just a few posts ago, so just envision him RIGHT.HERE.

I finally gave up with this damnable cough & went back to the doc.. yep, I have teh pneumonia AGAIN.  For the second time in like 5months?  Seriously.. this is ridiculous.  I am a normally healthy not quite 40yr old woman with an average immune system... it makes no sense at all.  The doc was rather surprised as well but said my lung (only lefty this time, the right side got the msg last time and is behaving) was crackling like a bowl of rice crispies.  Ok, that wasn't her exact phrasing... I took artistic liberty because it made me giggle.  I'm sick, I get to giggle at whatevah I want.   

This time around she said chest xrays and a culture test on .. how to put this delicately.. on a sample of the contents of my lungs (but only the solid contents, no liquidy stuff).  Ok, for delicateness that was a total fail lol, but you get the idea ;)   Since it's so absurd for me to have this twice, she wants to know exactly what's goin on in there.  (I'm fairly sure the culture test will show that whatever is in there, it's French... or it could be Osama, he likes to cause trouble)  

So more antibiotics, more rest.  My head is going to explode if I can't even  manage to take the kids to a pakr to play, or to their Extra curricular day next week!   We've made it to one social gathering of people not related to us since mid August because of someone or other being sick and I'm OVER IT.   

Whinge over *sheepish*

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4 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    Ugh you poor thing :( That does not sound like fun at all :(

  2. This is awful. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe it is time for a spell! I always do quite a bit of healing work on my son when he is sick, or on myself. Just close your eyes and "see" healthy energy replacing the icky crud. Do it several times a day. Hopefully that helps!

  3. Kylie Says:

    Oh yuck........I'd say take Wendy's advice. :) I sure hope it helps to.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yikes :-( Hope you feel better super quickly. *hugs*