For all my oohing and ahhing at Springs' definite arrival, it never ocurred to me that it could be to blame for my current obsession with the houses' constant state of disarray.  I know, I have three small boys, 5 rats and one husband, so I should expect SOME mess... but probably for the last week it's been driving me nuts.   Let me state in advance, what I consider a mess is not anywhere near approaching squalor levels, but it's enough to set me on edge & make me a tad grumpy to the other residents of the house.  

I didn't get a great deal done over the weekend other than laundry, because Mr. Merry was sick all weekend.  He had a horrible fever and was lethargic, and there was a bit of spewiness just for good measure.  He did s LOT of sleeping, like the entire weekend, minus about 4hours or so, but his tummy condition gave me plenty of laundry to do.  Yesterday he was finally feeling a bit better thank Goddess.  Sick kids are the pits..

Finally, with the lack of sick kiddo to tend to I gave into my frustration and made a list of stuff to be done and got stuck in.    I'm going to post it here for accountability... and so that when I forget what I was going to do I can come here to find out lol.

*hang pictures up.. we've been here 4months and had 2 things hung up in the entire house!      

*rearrange some stuff on our bookshelf in the family room to squeeze in dh's books, and fit my collection of cottages safely up top (Merry loves them a *little* too much for my liking!)              

*declutter some of our sadder looking clothing items, bring out summer stuff and put most warmer stuff away for the year in hopes of minimizing laundry!

*find a way to get my craft stuff out of boxes and out where it can be used.  I'm thinking I may ninja the linen cupboard for this and relocate the linens to the rooms where they will be used (ie, towels in bathroom cupboard, sheets in bedroom closet shelves)

*scout out affordable 2nd hand bookshelves so I can get the MANY books off of the shelves in the bedroom closets. 

*declutter toys that have fallen by the wayside, are broken, etc to make way for the holiday stuff that will descend on us before we know it.

*decorate... our house feels 'temporary' .. it's new and has no character,  must find cheap ways of adding some personality.

I think that'll just about do it for now.  I'll attempt to add a few before & after pics as I make progress.  Now, off to ebay & trading post to stalk bookshelves!  

Let the Spring cleaning begin :)

4 Responses
  1. As you spring clean, I'm ready to autumn clean!

    You certainly have a good list going there. Decluttering is probably one of the best parts of spring cleaning. That and reorganizing. I love an organized home!

    Decorating is always the last thing I do when we move into a new home, but it generally happens within the first 3 days. I lay out my pictures and other items, and begin scouting out where they will go, how they will be grouped, etc.

    Without them, the walls are so "blah".

    Have fun!

  2. Kylie Says:

    Well done...I'm spring cleaning posting about it on my family blog (just running a bit behind in updates though). Have been going quite well ocnsidering I am only spending bout 30 minutes a day on it. Can't wait to see some of your before and afters. :)

  3. A weekend with a sick kid is always a challenge. I hope your kiddo is feeling better! Sometimes I think these sorts of things happen to remind us that every once in a while it's ok to slow down and gather energy before the next big push. Have a great week!

  4. Thanks witchy mom, he's a lot better now!

    Wendy, aside from kids items (and some of my craft stuff hehe) my house is fairly well decluttered. We have moved a few times in the last 5yrs and I went on a MAD declutter frenzy both times. I'm thrilled to say we own about half what we did before!

    Kylie, I saw some of your declutter/spring clean posts :) Your comment on another blog is what made realize why I've been itching to get something done around here! It's all your fault!