I sincerely hope that you bring some AUTUMN LIKE weather with you March, or I'm taking my toys and going home!  I am OVER summer tyvm.   I was on the veranda this morning at 0730 with a glass of iced tea and it was steamy & disgustingly warm already.  The madness must end, and it must end soon.. please?

We had a pretty mellow weekend here... Saturday I went ot Aldi.. awesomest grocery store ever for bargains, and I popped through Bunnings to pick up some more seedlings & soil for the other half of my stackable planter.  I potted it up yesterday.  I now have 6 more basil plants (what can I say, we like pesto!) that are tiny, but VERY bushy so they'll shoot up in no time, 4 parsley plants, 4 cucumbers (i figure if my zukes are not gonna thrive maybe these will and I'll almost have a salad from my own garden... minus lettuce cause it bolts insanely here), and 4 bush beans.  It said the beans were suitable for containers... I'm gonna be grumpy if they lied lol.   

Saturday afternoon we had a bbq with the distance ed school... GETTING there was an adventure (note to self: avoid inner city bypass at all costs in the future @@) but once we did the kids had a great time playing, the adults got a bit of essential info on what we're going to be doing as far as group activities, and everybody had yummy snags from the barbie (that'd be sausages/hot dogs from the bbq for my american friends ;)   We didn't stay late, allegedly because our kids are early to bed types (srsly, 7pm is when they need to be in bed reading & winding down or they go mental) .. but really because Strider was raiding in WOW  ;)   It was a nice evening out and driving through the CBD (city centre) has me considering moving a little closer in.  We live in the FAR outter suburbs and it takes forever to get anywhere COOL *sigh*  Plus the older houses in the original city suburbs usually have great big yards which rocks.  We'll see how that goes.

Yesterday was veg out & clean at home day for me, and go steal dads mower (ours went tits up) so he can cut the grass day for Strider ;)  I bbq'd some particularly tasty steaks for dinner and chopped up some chives fresh from the garden to go in the sour cream for the wedges.  Yum.   Strider raided again in WOW.. but we won't talk about THAT out of respect for my blood pressure. ;)   

Today.. I tried to call Jon but he's gone up to his dads for the weekend.  Chatted with Jon, Derrick & their dad for a minute online though :)   When Strider gets home around lunchtime, we shall journey to Ikea where we shall deposit the bigger 2 into smaaland and take wee Merry shopping with us.. and will probably have to bribe him with a chocolate pudding or something to pull that off, cause he's gonna be pissed that he can't go into the playcenter until he's 3 :( 

The battle cry of APPLE! has been heard, so I'm assuming it is snack time... 

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