I got an email letting me know my only remaining Grandmother passed away 2 days ago :(  Not the BEST way to find out, but it wasn't exactly a surprise.  She was in bad health for a little while, and to the point of not recognizing people (she still knew her children which was a blessing I guess, I can't imagine how hard it would be to have your parent slip into dementia and not recognize you)  And being the fiesty lady that she was, she insisted on going home,  she didn't want to leave this world in some hospital or nursing home.    She was a sweet old lady to me growing up.. she always made us lots of yummy things and sent us home with little goodie bags when we visited (only a few times a year at most, my parents were divorced from early on).  I think she thought I was too skinny lol.. well if she could see me now I'm sure she wouldn't think that anymore!  Haven't been able to get in touch with my father since I got the news, so I'm guessing he' handling arrangements and such :(

In other news.. it has been spectacular out today :D  Quite a change from the disgusting heat and stickyness we've dealt with lately!   The boys & I spent most of the morning outside, much to little Mr. Merry's delight.  That boy could be outside from dawn till dusk if I didn't drag him back inside when it's just too hot for humans.   It was almost like an autumn day, cool & breezy and the grass is beautifully green & soft (thanks to all the rain we've had lately!) So lets hope that this is a taste of what's to come SOON.  Samwise wandered around the yard taking pics with his little camera (and he's just announced to me that if we ate a slug, we'd get SICK! lol).

 Frodo made a batch of eggy pies almost entirely by himself (I chopped & cooked the bacon, he shredded everything else, mixed and filled the muffin cups).. he's getting pretty good at this cooking gig!   


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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Sorry about your grandma. *hugs*

  2. Thanks for that, and sorry for being a slack ass blogger who takes forever to approve comments ;)