Often go right to shit... as they did today.  Today was supposed to be the homeschool group Science Centre excursion.  The kids were So looking forward to it, and honestly so was I, despite the fact that it is IN the city centre.  Brisbane city is NOT somewhere I go without extreme need in most cases, as a matter of fact the last time I set foot in the CBD (city business district .. think skyscrapers, much traffic, little parking, and usually a lot of grumpy bitchy people & bad drivers) was last April when Samwise needed a root canal and the only pediatric dentist to be found was guess where? 

So last night I sat down with google maps and worked out exactly how to get there and stared at it until I felt that I 'had it',  got everyones gear ready for the morning and thought I had it covered.  In the morning I decided we'd hit the bakery at the shopping centre and get morning tea to munch on the way in to the city, so we did that and still had 45minutes to get to our destination.  Sweet.   The drive in was a breeze, there were two roads to choose from and when I approached the first one and could see the mad morning traffic ahead... zip, off the main road I went.  The kids were pointing out the skycrapers, the road works (never ending on the motorway we take to the city lol) and all sorts of stuff.  And voila, we are THERE!  I make the turn to where I think the entrance to the car park is and find I am mistaken.. no worries, I'll do a run around the block (after I cross the river :S) and come back!  Amaingly enough I am not even a tad flustered by this.. still singin along to some rockin 80's tunes on the radio in face.  

Then it happened... I heard a gods awful noise from the backseat and was just about to ask the boys what the HECK they were doing.. when I turned my head to see a chocolate milk VOLCANO come flying out of my youngest son. *suppressed retch*  OOOkkk.. well there goes that trip!  Down go the windows.. ffs it had only been 15minutes since he drank that milk how on earth could it have gone SO foul & sour smelling so fast?!!?!   Am I flustered yet?  Nope, not even ruffled.  Ok change of plans kids.. we'll do the science centre another day.  By some sheer miracle I ran right into the on ramp to the route to get to the HWY to get home and found a spot to stop  eventually and clean the boy up.  I called DH (who we probably passed as we drove our spew stench trailing car through the cbd lol, he works driving there) and he was astonished by how CALM I sounded lol.    As I said, I loathe the cbd with  a passion if it involves driving... so he figured that alone would have me irritable.. but add to it spewing child and he thought for sure I'd be coming unglued.

Still haven't decided if I should be insulted by that or not?? lol

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