So last week on Thursday or Friday I get woken up around 7 by my dearest calling me on my mobile.   He says to me 'Lindsay and Dad both said we're idiots if we don't try to buy a house instead of moving into a larger (and more expensive of course) rental.  *sigh*  I had made peace with the idea that we'd likely never be able to afford a mortgage (or get one even if we could afford it!) and he throws this spanner in the works .. that's monkey wrench for you American sort ;)  

So I had a look online ( I love this site for browsing the market) figuring I'd find a LOT of things we just could not afford, and I did, to a certain extent.  But what I also found was a new development being built a mere 40minutes from Striders workplace, with land cheaper than I've seen in a LONG time, and entire packages that we could have for a few dollars LESS a week than what we would be paying in rent if we moved!  (that's mortgage alone, not other associated home ownership costs)  Soooo... Sunday we took a nice drive out to the lovely Brisbane Valley.  It was gorgeous.. lots of tall gum trees, cows grazing in paddocks by the roadside, and rolling hills as far as the eye could see.   The little community where the development is being built is a small country township (what's the next size down from that called? cause it may fit better there lol) with a volunteer fire dept (not to worry, it's not THAT far from the nearest real fire dept!) and everyone is all excited about the brand new shopping centre going up with a Woolworths, newsagent and more.  

The development itself is VERY new..  probably less than 40homes completed and it looks to be very nice, going on the master plan and what is there thus far.  We wandered through the neighborhood to be and looked at lots vs prices on our handy list and we found one that we love.  It's on a cul de sac with a drainage ravine (ravine might be too strong of a word, but it's a definite 'wet area' that will not be built on) at the rear, and a water run off easement on one side.  So we'd never have anyone right at our back fence.. and the easement is a bit of a buffer to the neighbors on the one side.   About this time I'm feeling us both get a little sucked in... this has turned from a what iffing, nice sunday drive... to something that feels like real, live, HOUSE HUNTING! *insert panic here* 

We drove back to the very bright green little sales centre to have a chat with Jarrod, the eager to assist rep and wonders never cease... this particular lot is kinda funky shaped, so they have already picked out THE perfect house to fit on it and flipped the plan on its side.  So now I have a house to visualize on that plot of land too.    It's not a huge house, only 19square (dunno how many square feet that is my dear American mates, sorry!) but it's got 4 bedrooms, 3 are smallish but serviceable... a separate family/meals area, which was high on my list so as to house all our homeschooling goodies... and it's got a nice kitchen with a DISHWASHER!!!  Plus a spiffy walk thru closet to the ensuite in the master suite.  

I'm totally sucked in.  So is Strider.  The possibility of owning our own home seemed so far beyond our grasp a year ago, that when our circumstances changed we didn't give it another thought.   How sucked in am I?  I have the printout of the lot shape with the house plan sited on it taped to the inside of my computer armoire  *sheepish gryn*   and we have a representative from Mortgage Choice coming out wednesday night to see what she can do for us.   Please Goddess, if you're listening, help me find a way to make this work.  I'm dreaming of my own little chunk of Australia.

ps.  Here's the object of my affections, no not Strider, the house... it's the 19square model if you clicky the floor plans page ;)  Think good thoughts for me!  Below is the little slice of Aussie that we want to make home.

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    That looks like a nice house. Good luck!