Gone!  are the TWO deceased television sets that inhabited my shed, and the broken baby cot (thanks 4yo son), and the sad ancient lawnmower...and the pile of musty mildewy cardboard boxes saved from our last move.  And probably a lot of other crap that doesn't come to mind right now... DH loaded up his van and for the bargain price of 5bucks, dumped it all at the landfill.  I say landfill, but according to him this was no great gaping pit in the ground like 'dump's used to be.  There was a huge area for green waste where it composts down over time.. and a giant metal barn with sections for non working electronics (yay our tvs went there) and companies come take them for parts and such, and cardboard/paper/glass recycling too.   I hated having to put all that in landfill, so I'm glad that at least some of it might be reused & recycled by someone.   

Either way.. it had to get OUT of my house, because we are at T - 10 days till the 'moving' starts, and it wasn't going with.   Tonight Strider & I will both take a box and fill it with something we won't need for the duration.. I'm heading for my craft supplies, and I'm tasked him with the magic cupboard and other assorted books.  Then we'll sit and watch Taken, just because we love that movie and we both have had a stressful few days.  Maybe I'll see if we have a bottle of wine hiding somewhere...  

Think good thoughts, tomorrow arvo or Tuesday we should hear about the application we put in for a house we liked.

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    I wish our county had a landfill, but nooooo, it's an hour drive to the nearest. Anyway, glad you got rid of a bunch of useless crap and are just about ready to move. Lots of application approval energy being sent.

  2. Honestly... I hate the landfill, and I hate the fact that we just contributed so much TO it. But for the most part we do our best to be eco conscious so I am trying not to beat myself up too much about it!