I do believe these are mortgage lifter variety.   I've got 4 heirloom varieties this time (green zebra, mortgage lifter, tigerella and black russian) and they all seem to be doing really well.

 And this is a beauty of a black russian!  

I also have heaps of herbs, and some new cucumber & bush bean plants, but no photos of them at the moment.  I've just about given up on the Zucchini.. not sure if it's where they are (or we are) but the mildew on them is giving me the shits, and the fruit has ALL gotten to about little finger size and gone rotten.  I think I'm going to let the damn things die and be done with them for this year!  

All in all, I'm pretty happy that I've got tomatos and capsicum growing well (damn forgot to get photos of the capsicum! but trust me, they look fab and have teeny fruit popping up all over) so I figure I have made huge progress this year and I am not gonna stress over the zukes :P

I meant to post these the other day but blogger was being schizo about pics, so here they are straight from the garden!

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