But I'm not terribly upset about it ;)  The consultant said basically that if STrider had been self employed for 2yrs or longer, lenders would be falling ALL over themselves trying to give us mortgages of what I consider ridiculous proportions (we're talkin nearing half a million bucks *faint*)  I do NOT WANT a 400k + house that's for sure!   Anyway, since he's only been self employed for about 6months, he's just not mortgagable.   She laid out the best plan for us to be as appealing as possible to the widest variety of lenders though, so in 18months we will be all set to buy just about any house we choose!  

So for now, we have given our landlords 30days notice *eek* and are shopping the rental home market.  They were raising the rent up to 295per week LMAO anyway.. sorry couldn't contain my laughter at that absurd price.  It's an older home, with termite infested trees falling all over, and plumbing that is a right pain in the ass to deal with... add in to that horrible crapet that is threadbare, lino that is peeling up around the edges (AND thru the centre of the kitchen floor!) .. the whole place is just a nightmare to deal with.    The market is looking good though, and I'm sure we'll find something great for only a little more than they want for his hole. :) 

In other much happier news.. today is Samwises' 5th birthday!  When I woke up this morning I gave him his gift which is a firefighter costume and case of firemans tools (complete with extinguisher/water sprayer and badge!.. and mega phone that I'm going to try to avoid putting batteries into at all costs lol) and he has worn it the entire day hehehe.  We went on a drive to peek at houses and Merry spewed all over the car AGAIN (i've decided he has some sort of milk issue, because this is the second time he did that after having milk.. but it had been 4hours since he drank it so it should have been LONG out of his tummy!).. and then Sam had to have a bit of a chuck when he got home as well @@  Mummy needs a nice stiff drink right about now!!

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Well, if you're okay with not owning right now, then so am I :-) Happy birthday Samwise!