First let me say, Real Estate agents (or at least our current one) are FAIL!  As previously posted, we applied for a great place on Saturday (and the potential agent seems very nice, good vibes there) and it started the approval process yesterday morning.  Several friends and family members have reported they were called and gave us glowing references, which we so obviously deserve *gryn*  so all is well on that front.  So when the phone rang this afternoon I assumed it would be the YES you got the property call... but it was the 'we are having trouble getting your current agent to return the rental reference' call.  *sigh*   So I ring their office and am told they are 'waiting for information' but that yes, it will be faxed back today.    What information they could possibly be waiting for is beyond me and also beyond the new agents, since they merely want to know if the rent has been paid on time and if the property is maintained in a good manner.   The new agent said she'll give them another half hour (they've faxed them the paperwork 2times over 2 days) and then she'll ring back and tell her that I'm in their office waiting to sign the lease, so we REALLY need that reference now ;)     What a winning, proactive attitude that girl has... I am going to like these guys LOL.

I really sorta need to know, so I can transfer the absurd amount of rent & bond money into our daily account and get a bank check to pay them. @@  On the packing front, there are currently five boxes packed *yay*.  All my craft stuff, most books, the magical cupboard contents are all happily packed & stacked.   

AND I just got a call from the new agent, everything looks good from their end, they'll call us back as soon as the owner agrees to the lease, which they are recommending  (because we are simply put, awesome fucking tenants)  WOOT!   We have just rang & booked the moving truck as well as the crapet cleaning for this place.  Yes... I said crapet, because this stuff is so faded and discoloured with age that it's pathetic... ffs you can SEE the backing grid in spots all over. CRAPET SUCKS... TILES ARE WIN!

In other news, some of our new History Odyssey books have arrived at mums!  I had them shipped there because estimated that it would be mid to late April before the last of the 3 shipments would arrive, so I didn't want them sent here in case WE were no longer here.   I can't wait to get them so we can have a good browse through... it's like Yule morning when new school stuff comes in the mail :D

I am off to enjoy a cuppa with my hunny in celebration of all these joyous things :D

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  1. Rambleman Says:

    Sounds like you're on your way to home ownership - Congrats.