Ok Memo to mother nature... this rain business is far more efficient if its in reasonable doses.  This whole no rain for months on end, then days and days worth of rain doesn't really work so well .  My tomatoes are going to just EXPLODE from this massive dose of water *sigh*   and just think of all the fluffy bunnies!?!  The poor things will drown .   Oh wait.. bunnies are a horrid pest here.. so nm so much about the bunnies Mother nature, you didn't put them here anyway :)  But srsly... my tomatoes are gonna diiieeee!    If anyone needs me I'll be out back building a raft... I think we may wash out to sea on the weekend.

Completely unrelated, now that we have the lease signed on the new rental... I've been seriously bitten by the packing bug.  There is a small wall of boxes  all packed up ready to go (ok there are 9 small boxes and one large one.. sort of a wall)  and I've got a couple more planned for tonight.  I've spent the day washing half the curtains in the house (they have to be handwashed UGH) so I'm bloody exhausted.  My dearest made the mistake of suggesting McDonalds for dinner ... so I threw the keys to the ark...err, car.. at him and said go for it. lol   Butter chicken burritos will be for tomorrow night instead, I just can't face my kitchen tonight.  Guess what part of the house I started packing? ;)

And I forgot to mention that I rang the real estate agent regarding the drapes that recommend dry cleaning (mainly because if I hand wash them and they shrink I want someone else to blame it on ;) and the twit in the office asked another property manager, as mine was out, and was told I'd best get them dry cleaned since we've been here since 07.  WTF?  Their list specifically says that is NOT our responsibility so it just ain't happening.. cause I assure the world those damn things were not dry cleaned before we moved in.  FFS, they had COBWEBS between them & the window when we got the place!   Twits reply was to say she'd leave a msg for property manager to return my call when she got back in the office at 130.... it's now 5pm, so I'll assume I won't be getting a call today.   I'm underwhelmed with surprise.

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