We have had a few days of exceedingly dreary, and sorta chilly weather.  There have been breaks in the rain but nothing wonderful.  Until today... the skies were just amazingly blue, it was perfect.

SO, we did what any self respecting homeschoolers would do.. shelved the books and headed outside!  We spent pretty much the entire day hangin out in the back yard... the kids made a fort of their climber, stepping stones were hopped, tether tennis was whacked about and other fun was had :)  I actually got to drink a coffee, while it was hot... because the boys were too busy running around in the sunshine to pester me ....err, ask me, for anything!  

I read a bit of a gardening book, made a grocery list and menu for the week and watched the kids thoroughly enjoy themselves.  It wasn't a day without learning, since obivously that's impossible ;) We caught 15minutes of a show about ice ages on tv.. and Frodo build a rockin cardboard box castle to go along with our Middle Ages studies.

Here's the boy hard at work constructing :)  And with the finished product... demonstrating the drawbridge.  Note the fancy woodwork around the entry ;)

 And we talked about gardening.  I'm getting ready to get stuff to plant and we talked about what THEY would like to grow and we walked the yard to find a good spot to put our prefab raised bed (and I am hoping the real estate agent doesn't lose the plot lol) 

Merry found & picked up a rolly polly bug and thought that was grand.. and Frodo managed to catch a ladybug (ladybird) and put her on our basil plant as it's being snacked on by something.  

And here is a photo from our weekend.   It was my 2nd sons 17th birthday, and while he's in the US, we always make a cake to celebrate.  The boys totally cheesed up the happy birthday singing here... 

   Tomorrow afternoon Nana is picking up the oldest two for a sleep over (Merry is gonna play hell about THAT!) and swim lessons, as sunday is Mothers day and no class.  So the hubs & I will be having OUR favourite dish for dinner (cheesey baked chard NOM).  The boys won't eat it, so we'll get to have it without complains ;)  since Merry won't eat anything lol.   

What I'm saying here is that I really WOULDN'T hold my breath on seeing a weekly wrap out of me in any kind of timely manner lol.   Tomorrow night will be adult relaxing time.. Saturday working in the garden time :D and Sunday is family get together at a park for a Mother's Day picnic.  So, nope.. not likely lol.

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3 Responses
  1. Todd Says:

    I think you should start your Mother's Day weekend on Friday and make it last :-)

  2. Kez Says:

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Thanks Kez, you too hun!

    Todd.. totally :D That is the general plan. DH & I may even hit the garden centre saturday morning so I can do my favourite thing.. play with plants!