Today I got the ok from the real estate agent to just go ahead and put in the couple of small raised veggie beds in the backyard.  She said not to bother asking, just do it as long as I am happy to throw a bit of grass seed over it when we go eventually. WOOT!  I was kinda leaning towards the 'it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission'  school of thought anyway ;)  

SO today I set about picking out where my first bed is going.  I've only got one to start with, but I'll definitely get a 2nd going later.  It's a 1.2metre square bed that's 30cm deep.  I'm going with the square foot gardening concept (1.2m is almost exactly 4ft ;) and I spent some time on  THIS fabulous website today planninng out my beds.   They have premade 'plans' for 8 gardens, or you can go to the planner tab and enter dimesions and then drag veggies and herbs etc onto your squares.  Not only that, but it tells you how many of each plant you can put in it's square.. and you can print the whole thing out complete with info on each plants needs.  I'm in love. 

After receiving the go ahead, I was all but giddy and spent half the afternoon out in the yard day dreaming of all things growing.  And I spent the other half on the computer playing with that planner lol.  Ok, not QUITE half.. but enough *sheepish* 

My little potting veggie seedlings are going well, and helped a bit with my need to be DOING something.. but not enough.  DH & I had a big talk and we have decided to bide our time here for a while longer so that we can save for a down payment on a house in a year or so.  I don't LOVE this neighborhood... but I can live with the slightly bogan neighbors a bit longer if I can at least have a REAL garden while I save for my own little peice of earth to play in. 

In short.. our homeschooling will now have a lot more plant science going on, and you'll be hearing (and seeing) a lot about it!  Just call me Farmer Caz.

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