Coffee break!  This morning I was treated to about 5hours of time all to my self by my darling husband, who took all 3 of the boys to Nanny's house for swim lessons.  Merry didn't have to go along, but I needed to stay home to get our favourite asian chicken & sweetcorn soup going in the crockpot and DH knew that Merry would NOT be impressed if he were left behind.  So as they got in the car, I made myself a lovely cup of coffee.. not unlike those above (only bigger!) with my favourite mudslide beans, and a dollop of real whipped cream on top.  I then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy it.  The entire thing. While it was still hot.  Bliss.

I DID do other things during these hours of course,  I put on the delightful soup, which is now stinking my house up wonderfully.  I played on fb for a few, watered the veggie plants and noticed just how chilly it is out there!  The plants don't seem to mind though, and really, neither do I ;)  It's not so often that Queenslanders get the excuse to really bundle up in winter clothes.  I mean, I actually put SOCKS on!  And a sweater.   But give it a day or two and we'll have 25C again.  And sweaters will go back in the closet, socks will be tossed... and coffees on the veranda will have to be had in the morning before the sun starts cooking you as you sit on the veranda.  

If you'll excuse me, I do believe there is more of that coffee waiting for me.  And if DH is nice, I might even share some with him ;)

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds very nice and relaxing! What a wonderful husband to give you some of that very-necessary "me time". :)

  2. Todd Says:

    Good for you. Glad you enjoyed your time alone :)

  3. Thanks guys :) Wendy, he really is the best hubby ever!