Or, thank Goddess that's over! LOL.    Yesterday was our first Monday of home ed network activities for this term, and it was BUSY.   Both Sam & Frodo are signed on for gymnastics and art class, plus the big hit of the term, Professor Jellybean science classes!     Professor Jellybean, or PJ as she says we can call her for short, is doing 2 hands on experiments with the kids each week.  If the next 5weeks are as gooey and messy as yesterday, MAJOR HIT lol.   

HERE is Sam rockin the lab coat & safety glasses, looking every bit the miniature mad scientist!  The kids totally enjoyed getting all geared up and stuck  into their experiments. 

This week they made a glittery 'goop' that Frodo informed me is made using a seaweed based food thickener, and some really freaky slimy 'worms'.  Very excellent was their official verdict.

It was Merry's first time EVER having his own classes to go to.  He's signed on for tiny tots gymnastics (which I must go to with him) and a playgroup for under 5's.   

He did very well for the first 20minutes of gymnastics, all the parents were around the giant parachute floofing (new word, like it?) it up into the air and down again... the littlies were getting under & getting their noses tickled by it.  Then we did stretches and animal walks... Merry thought that bit was fun.  And he really enjoyed the floor activities... big foam steps with a hill to tumble down, tunnels to climb under, ladders to climb UP, rings to swing from, and his fave.. the mini trampoline to jump onto and bounce off the other side.   

Then the bar activities ... very simple things like pretending you are a possum swinging from a bar (with parental support).  Well Merry was NOT in the mood suddenly.  He had to wait his turn, and chucked a wobbly about it (that would be the Aussie equivalent of 'pitching a fit' btw).  He can't do this out of the way, he has to hurl himself onto the mats directly in the way of other people (intentionally) and then shrieks bloody murder when I have to move him for his safety (and everyone else's ability to participate!).   The screams were heard all through the building I'm sure @@... I did eventually get him to calm down enough to walk the balance beam with me... but it was all over for all practical intents & purposes.   

I managed to mostly maintain my sanity hehe, and really he's not even 4 and has never done an organized activity in his life.  So I'm not surprised.  His playgroup went much better.  He had a nice time riding the scooters, doing puzzles, using markers and playing in the sand.   It was VERY nice to have activities for the little ones while the big ones were off in class!

 Here's the little dude busy at work.  He also spent a fair bit of time on the massive climbing play structure.. that's not even half of it in the picture.  On the way home, it was a very peaceful drive... as he snoozed happily all the way home.

My goal for next week...I'm just hoping he makes it 5 minutes longer in his class before melting down lol.   I KNOW he will settle in eventually :D 

5 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    I'd say for 3 he did pretty well...K never particpated in anything until she was at least 5!!!! I will ask n LEHN but I'd love your feedback on the playroup too. Anything in particular you are looking for when it comes to the playgroup etc?

    The science is a definite hit hey!!!

  2. Kylie, as far as playgroup, just having things like simple crafts, playdoh and that type of activity is great. It gave him plenty to do while the brothers were in their classes.. but wasn't structured enough to stress him out. Will chat about it on the group :)

    And yes, PJ was a HUGE hit in this house!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Floof! Floofing. Ok, I'm giggling.

  4. Kez Says:

    That waiting in line gets me every time too :)

    PS. The Science class looks cool!