This week we are talking about our favourite subject to teach our kids, great topic :D  

I'd have to say that hands down, my favourite 'subject' to teach the boys is science.  The world and how things in it work and grow are totally fascinating to me.  The boys have endless excitement to learn about these things.  Now they love learning in general, but math & grammar just can't muster the excitement & passion in small boys that the inner workings of the natural world can!   Just tonight we were outside on the veranda, since it was a warmish evening (but cool enough for no bugs to pester us!), and Merry was all excited because he found a puff ball.  You know... those little round fungus thingies that release spores when you squish them.  That was investigated for ages. 

Then Frodo pointed out Venus, shining brightly in  the mostly darkened sky...and went on to look for Mars & Jupiter as well (not sure if we got those right.. must have a peek at google sky and see!)  

Then there was possum spotting (on the neighbors roof, thankfully, not ours lol... they're noisy little buggers!) and checking out the moth that was hanging out on the brick wall near the light.   All this scientific exploration, and we have a rather sterile and boring little tiny suburban backyard.

One of the reasons that science is my favourite, is that the internet makes SO much more available than ever before.  We don't have a telescope, but we can hop on google sky and it's almost like we do!  No microscope either (yet!), but there are up close images of slides of just about ANYTHING you can imagine online.   Then there are the local interactive things like the planetarium and science centre and nature reserves.  Endless possibilities.  

The looks of awe on their faces when we do an activity or experiment and they see the end results is just totally worth all the work.  

5 Responses
  1. following from the hop and my favorite subject to teach is Science as well

  2. Ticia Says:

    I love to teach science too. There are so many cool things to learn about.

  3. Debbie Says:

    We enjoy science here at well. It is up there pretty close to History/Geography as a favorite. Sometimes I think they can almost be hand in hand on certain things we talk about.

  4. Debbie, I completely agree! We alternate history & science, both 2 days a week with a day to 'finish up' anything that's left.

    Today was a history day here, but we found ourselves talking science as part of that! We're studying Middle ages and the 'black death' came up in our 'Time Trekkers' book.. so we had a big talk about how WE know things about illness that wasn't known back then!

  5. Jessica S. Says:

    Yes, science is our favorite too!! I have all boys, so you are right...I think they are naturally drawn to see how things work and react! Have fun with your experiments.