We've had a really busy week this week, and here are a few pics of our adventures :)   I'm not going to subject by subject it as detailed this week as.. well.. I was bored by the last one LOL.  


Our big focus this week was all things science.  Monday the boys had Professor Jellybean science class #2, where they made freaky goo Octopi/jellyfish/THINGS lol, as well as SNOW!  The real live fake snow type stuff that they use in movies and such.  

As you can see, it was a huge hit throughout the week at home too.  Must hose down the brick wall near the patio table.. it's slathered with glitter goo!

We also did a few experiements from the Real Science Odyssey.. Mapping Uranus & defining planets.  (the mapping was a demo of how scientists know what the surface of distant planets that are covered with thick clouds is like, defining planet was learning about how scientists determined that Pluto didn't REALLY fit into the planet category)  There's also a pic here of the 'Neptune is out of order' experiment.. but my swiss cheese brain cannot remember if that was this week or last lol.  

And no, Merry did not do that graphic... but he insisted on embellishing it throughout the week ;)  We also watched part of a documentary on space, but it was too involved so we're going to iView a better one on the net later :)   

We also spent time pottering in the garden and the boys are stoked with how well things are growing..Sam is biding his time very patiently until he can steal cherry tomatos off the vine LOL. (doesn't that silverbeet look NOM NOMNOM!?!? and spring onions are 1.89 a small bunch here.. so those babies are a goldmine of savings for me!)

 There was a bit of math in there... Sam is doing a fair bit better with his skip counting by 5s.  The secret was getting him hooked in.. all that took was a handful of 5c coins!  (he LOVES coins of any kind)   Frodo was a bit more motivated with it this week.  

Frodo read a chapter or two of his Knights of the Round Table, as well as a space book Sam got with something.  

We have been in the lessons of History Odyssey on Monks in the Christian church, and Islam the last couple of weeks... enthusiasm is low as religion is not my cup of tea.  I DO want my boys to have a basic understanding of other faiths though, so that they can be tolerant and accepting... not hateful & fearful as so many people are today.  So we soldier on.  But there have been a few questions about WHY the Muslims and Christians felt the need to war over simply believing different things.    

Other than that stuff, Frodo wrote another letter to his pen pal in the U.S.  The postal service ATE the last one :(   Sam did a couple of handwriting pages and practiced a bit more on unlined paper.  For some reason he does not like lines.. his letters refuse to have anything to DO with lines actually LOL .. ne'er the two shall meet.  

And back to science hehe.. we finally got around to picking up new binders (read swiss cheese brained mum forgot) and the boys are now decking them out so we can fill them up with this years stuff.  (I say this year because since our registration changed, we are technically starting our home ed year now) 

There was also a LOT of outside time for physical activity, plus gymnastics classes on Monday and swim class on Sunday.  I've been dragging the boys outside after our formal work around 11am, even though they would much rather nag me to play on the wii.  They still manage to have fun ;)  

Art this week was finishing up their castle drawings, and in class they used shapes to draw a birdhouse and then painted it.   Frodo rather enjoyed the castle drawing more than the birdhouse lol.

 And now, Friday!  We had a celebratory 'snacky lunch' (which is rolled ham, cheese wedges, crackers, grape tomatos and cucumber slices with dip and mandarin sections)  and I have been named mum of the year.. or at least day, as I am making their fave friday fried rice and yum cha!  

7 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    Well you guys had another busy one. I've stopped my weekly break down posts too...I am still sorta doing them just for myself, but I think all of that drdgery in posting what we did day in and day out killed my enthusiasm for blogging!!

    I do plan on posting about Home Fresh ORganics, but I wanted to wait a couple more weeks before giving my thoughts on it all......but it is makin glife easier.

    Sadly I wish I did keep a gratitue journal, but I don't! I am going to try and at least do an entry on the blog every now and then though. :)

  2. Kylie, yeah it was fairly busy around here! Going to get even busier as we're about to add Scouts into the weekly mix @@ One evening a week with each of the bigger two. I think dh & I shall have to alternate with that!

    I will google that company, because I like the idea of getting the 'dirty dozen' fruit & veg organic but it's not so easy to find!

  3. Kylie Says:

    They have meat, dairy and some grocery lines too!!

  4. I saw that... the organic beef packages are @@, the one I looked at worked out to 22.50 per kg! EEK! Both me & the other half were impressed with the prices of the organic mixed fuit/veg boxes though and may have to test drive them.

    We had a fruit & veg delivery svc a while back, but I got stroppy when they started charging for delivery lol.

  5. Todd Says:

    Hi. Very active you all are. I get a workout just reading your activity list. lol.

  6. Kez Says:

    Looks like another great week :) How did they make snow? Sounds cool!

  7. Kez, Professor jellybean had a special powder that when you add a bit of water to it.. it just explodes into a pile of snow! I was off wrangling Merry so I didn't get to see.. but I wish I had, sounds fun!