Happy Mothers' day to all you blogging mamas out there!   I had a very lovely one.  I woke up to be presented with a beautiful card the boys made for me while they stayed overnight at their grandparents house Friday.  Nana turned them loose with scrap book supplies and the result is gorgeous... and I fail to have a picture!!! lol   Then hubby made me poached eggs & toast, which is my favourite breakfast ever and a nice mocha to go with it.  NOM!

Hubby just happened to catch the winner of the last Australian 'Master Chef' tv series at a bookstore in the city, signing copies of her cookbook.  So guess what both his mum AND I got for Mothers day?   Signed copies of a really lovely cookbook... with some delicious sounding recipes to try out.  I've already chosen the first ones to be added to this weeks menu hehe.  

Then we headed off to the family 'do' at a park about half an hour away.  The whole family was there and we had lunch picnic style and laughed and had a great time.  The kids kicked the soccer ball around and we adults took turns herding the masses of them over to the playground area and back.  

 A few pics from the day... 2 of my 3 plus their cousins sorely testing the maxiumum bums per chair ratio for this seat lol! 

Merry pigging out on cake :)   And last, but not least,  Sam... where he could have happily stayed the ENTIRE day!  He positively adores Humphrey, and she (yep, she lol) is so sweet & tolerant.   They kept each other company very well. 

 It was a really nice day... right up until someone, I can't remember who, mentioned something about school.  @@  Then my SIL, opened her big mouth.  "OH *neices name* LOVES school, she has since the first day she went! and she gets MUCH better SOCIALIZATION there than we could ever give her at home!"   This is the second weekend in a row she has done this, and I'm just about pissed off.. as my children were RIGHT THERE!   I'm hoping they were busy eating their cake & didn't notice their Aunt basically bashing our choice of education.  

I bit my tongue all the way home, so the kids didn't hear me abusing their Aunt.  Then I hit facebook and grumbled on my status update, and yes SIL is on my friends list.  I was a good girl and didn't name her directly... just simply said it's frustrating when people assume we are judging THEIR parenting choices just because we happen to make different ones!  Somehow I doubt she'll even 'get' that it was her honestly.  But it made me feel better to say SOMETHING.   

Honestly, it was REALLY hard to not point out that the 'socialization' her daughter learned at school had her being snotty & ignoring her cousins as they tried to say good bye to her and give her a hug.   Yeah.. I'll pass on that socializtion thanks.

HOWEVER!  After having a mini rant, I refused to let this do more than dent this nice day.  Strider & I went outside as soon as the sun was not directly in our faces, and started planting the seedlings I bought yesterday!   We now have 4 black russian tomatoes (omg yum), 2 pots with a total of 8 silverbeet, and a pot of spring onions planted and waiting for the morning sun on the end of the veranda :D   We still have 4 cherry tomatoes, and 3 punnets of mixed lettuce seedlings to go in... but we ran out of soil lol.  My lovely hubby is going to pick up a couple more bags on his way home tomorrow so we can finish up.  It REALLY has been making me sad not to have any veggies growing in our yard, so I was very happy to get a few things in.  Next weekend, provided these plants are all in.. it's off to get even more soil and strawberry plants! 

Getting out & getting my hands dirty really helped get rid of the funk from the earlier incident and was a perfect way to end Mother's day.. doing one of my favourite things :)   I hope all my mom friends out there had awesome days!

3 Responses
  1. Kez Says:

    I'm glad you managed to have a lovely day despite the SIL!

  2. Todd Says:

    Happy your day was not totally ruined and was actually a good one.

  3. Todd Says:

    Who are you on Facebook? I didn't find you by just searching 4 "Caz". I'm 'toddinmo' if you want to 'friend' me.