'Twas a short week here, as Strider had Monday off for a public holiday.  We still managed to pack plenty in to the week though!  

Math:  Frodo worked on 2 digit subraction with regrouping/borrowing, he seemed to catch on pretty well, but needs more practice to reinforce the idea that you MUST write down what you borrowed straight away or you'll forget it ;)  Sam was on skip counting by 10s, oddly enough he did not catch on to this as well as he did the 2's or 5's!  So we'll work on it a bit more this week by playing the skip counting cd  and finding things that come in 10's to count.

Language arts:  Frodo did a Reading Comp exercise on summarizing, learned the i_e spelling words (which he's really way ahead of, but the book also has him do other activities with those words so he enjoys it), and Grammar once a week pages about Homophones and what a simple sentence must have. 

Both boys did work in their handwriting workbooks, and Sam & I made a game for matching upper & lower case alphabet letters.  

Science:  This week it was Saturn and Uranus, and their respective parts of our lapbook project.  The boys were fascinated to learn that if you found a bathtub or ocean big enough, Saturn would actually FLOAT!  And that if you put Saturn (including it's rings) between the Earth & moon.. it would barely fit!  Frodo did a solar system word search as well.. he loves those things :)

SOSE/History:  Frodo started reading the chapter book "Knights of the Round Table"  and answering comprehension questions after the chapters.  It's not a long book so he should finish it in the coming week.  We read a bit more about Emperor Justinian and his Code of Laws, and Frodo copied one into his history notebook.  We moved on to Charlemagne and HIS laws... which were not quite so equally applied to the poor Romans. (Frodo was very indignant about that!) and Frodo did his map for the lesson.

Arts:  Frodo made his particularly awesome castle, and both boys made Illuminated style letters ala the Middle ages.  Frodo did almost all of his letter, but Sam wanted me to draw the letter form for him and let him do the colouring in and embelleshing.   The boys also made me a stunning mothers' day card while having a sleepover at their Nana's house on Friday night :) She pulled out all the stops and gave them a ton of scrapbooking bits & peices and they had a great time!

Health & Physical Ed:  Swim lessons on Saturday this week, a LOT of time out in the yard as the weather was lovely the latter half of the week, kicking the soccer ball around the park with their Uncle & cousins at the park.

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  1. Kez Says:

    I love the illuminated letters - way cool!

  2. I really need to try to get a picture of them Kez, they turned out cute. The kids added swirls off the corners and outlined them with fancy dots :D Great fun!