This morning I had quite the revelation.   Actually *I* didn't make this discovery, the very nice director at Merry's kindy (daycare) beat me over the head with it like a blunt object.   (ok, not *literally*)  She was doing the new room assignments for the coming 'school year', which starts January 25th, and wanted to talk with me about it.  She knows we home educate, so she wanted to ask if Merry would be going off to prep (kindergarten) next year, or if he would be staying on with them in their preschool room.  I'm pretty sure she thought I lost it with the blank stare I gave her.. something akin to a deer in the headlights.  At least that is how I felt.   

She elaborated by telling me that she had tentatively placed him in the preschool room at the end of this month in case he was going to prep in 2011... since his turning 4yrs in June put him in the age range for it.  *insert jaw drop to go with deer in headlights look*   My baby can't POSSIBLY be old enough to go to school! (even home school dammit!)   He's not even fully toileting yet on his own, and he didn't even star talking using real words until just about 2.5yrs old... just 1yr ago.   Emotionally he just is NOT there yet either.  He's just a baby... and I like the idea of letting him stay that way until *he* is ready to change it.    

DH came home and I shared this gem with them.. he said well good thing he's not going then! ;)   

The picture above shows just about what was going through my mind (the caption, not so much, but it made me laugh ;) for a couple of reasons.  ZOMG my baby is growing up (he's not really), and then the big one hit... YIKES!  This means next year I am going to have THREE home schoolers?!   How on earth am I going to keep up with everything?  How am I going to give each of them enough of my time?  How am I even going to have time to plan for them all??  I think this cuppa coffee that dh made really needs a shot of baileys to calm my nerves.  

Is there anybody that stops by my teeny blog that home schools 3?   How in the world do you do it?!?!?!  Share your secrets please!

Yeah... bring on those desserts sister... I could use a big ass slice of mud cake right now.  For purely therapeutic reasons of course.   Cause "stressed" is exactly what I am.

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  1. I only homeschool two, so no advice...but I'm happy to stop by and commiserate with a slice of mud cake!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    You know I only homeschool one, but I have to say that I would have had the same reaction when my son was ages 3 and 4! "Huh, wha???" :)

  3. Thanks Stacy, lol I don't think anyone can say no to mud cake ;)

    Wendy, no kidding! He's not even FOUR and someone mentioned school ALREADY!!?!?!?

  4. mrsb Says:

    I don't have any homeschooling suggestions, but I'm in for cake, lol!

  5. Todd Says:

    As you know, we 'unschool', so 'plans' were never a big deal. That being said, when you think that one of them is ready for something specific to learn, just deal with it as it comes up. You don't have to 'teach' them all at the same time every day. Just one at time as time allows. Don't stress. Home educating does NOT have to be difficult. *hugs*

  6. Thanks Todd :) I'm trying not to stress lol. Hs'ing laws are a bit obnoxious here, even if we planned to unschool (they refer to it as natural learning more here) we would have to submit a list of resources and such!

    Then again, it wasn't that long ago that you had to e a certified teacher to home education your own children in this state!

    For Merry next year, I'll have the state expected outcomes in advance and I'll tick off things he already can do .. then work out hands on things as each term comes up for some of the outcomes on the list :)