and men, go right out the window apparently!   Yesterday while I was out I did somethin funny to my hip, and have been in pain since.  I didn't fall, or get hit by a car or anything dramatic... I took a step... to the side.  And heard a little thunk :S    

So today we did not start doing a little easing into schoolwork.  Today we waited for dh to arrive home and we went to the doctor, and then the radiology place for an xray & ultrasound.  The highlight of the day was sitting in a small waiting room in a black paper bathrobe, that barely reached my knees, with complete strangers.. of both genders even.  We were not amused.  We also still don't know what the radiologist had to say, as it was 5pm before I left the place and the doc won't likely check her faxes until tomorrow morning.  

We shall see if we even make it to start anything by the end of this week the way I'm going right now!  

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'll be watching your status, to see what you find out about your x-rays.

    I hope you are better soon!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you get an answer soon!

  3. No news yet on the xrays. *I* called the doc at noon and the receptionist said the file hadn't even been reviewed by the doc yet *scowl* but that she'd give it to her and have her call me.

    I have a missed call from that number at 447pm... way to wait till closing time. Guess which office I will NOT be visiting again?