Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fabulous one.  We welcomed in the new year with Striders' family by staying overnight, watching fireworks at midnight and just generally hanging out and enjoying each others company.    I was feeling particularly introverted from around 10pm onward, so I tossed on my lovely new black satiny jammies and wrap and retired to the balcony for a while.  The full (and Blue) moon was just amazing... it was so bright there were shadows dancing across the lawn.   I wish I'd gotten a pic of it.  The breeze was cool and wonderful (Gods I miss living by the Bay!)   

I had brought my journal with me...  I am not an avid journaler by any means.  I started it in September 08 and did keep it through my trip to the US when Jon had his accident. But I only write in it occasionally these days.  I figured NYE was a good time to record my thoughts.  And boy did I have some.. I think I rambled on for 4 pages or so!   I wrote about my goals for the year (see previous post ;) and my goals for myself, among other things.   I'll look back on that on NYE 2010 and see how my year has measured up.   I'd also like to try to keep up the conversation with myself that a journal provides.  I had quite a few surprise insights during that bit of writing and I enjoyed it.

As we speak I am undecorating the tree and putting the holiday season to bed for the year.  In it's place will go the treadmill, that has been residing (unused, due to incredible heat out there) in the garage.  I am going to commit to using it 4 times a week to start, hopefully working up to daily as my stamina builds.  I loved putting the ipod on at the gym and just walking to nowhere... but I just couldn't handle the heat, so air conditioning FTW!  I am going to have to budget for a new pair of walking shoes though... mine are just shot (they are ancient, so no big surprise there!) 

Also for 2010, I'm feeling myself drawn to creating another blog on an actual 'topic'.  (ya know, instead of this rambly mess that I so love!)If I do this, I'll still post my everyday stuff here, of course.  I am not sure yet if I want to link it to THIS blog though, as the topic makes me want to have a bit of anonimity.   It involves a lot of specifics about us that make the portion of my brain prone to tin foil hat theories (it's a small portion,  really it is ;) a bit nervous about people being able to identify us if they really wanted.    This is still just something I'm kicking around though, so I'm not at all sure where I'm going with this venture yet.   Not even completely settled on my blog topic yet ;)  

So fellow bloggers, what're you hoping to accomplish in 2010?

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