Today, exactly 8 years ago, I was feeling rather miserable.  I was huge and overdue by a week, and just about DONE with this whole pregnancy thing.  We'd been in to the doc for ye olde cervical torture routine a couple of days ago, but it seemingly did nothing, and tomorrow would have been induction or possible csection (my oldest was a C baby).  We had done everything safe (and I do mean everything ;) to attempt to get this child in motion to join us in the outside world to no avail.  

But this morning 8 years ago, I felt crappy.  Not contractions, omgI'mgonnahaveababy crappy... just crappy.  Hubby made me eat a silverside sandwich around 11am (right about now actually!) and I laid down to have a nap.  Hubby played DiabloII lol.  I woke up feeling more than crappy about an hour later.   I hung out with hubby while he played and we watched the clock  timing 'cramps' taht weren't uncomfortable... until they WERE.   He called the midwife to let her know we were going to come on over and we headed to the car.  I remember having to stop 3 times to wait out contractions just in the couple of minutes walking to the garage. 

After we got moving I was just sure we were going to be those people you read about ... ya know the ones that had their baby on the side of the road in the car?  It was the most insane 25min trip to the hospital ever, but we made it.  Of course, immediately upon stepping into the hospital lobby, I promptly threw that nice silverside sandwich up all over their floor LOL.   At which point I was met with a wheelchair and raced upstairs.   I really liked the nitrous gas they offer as first line pain relief in labour.  I remember arguing with DH when he told me he could see Frodo's head... 'NO YOU CAN"T, NOT YET!'  LOL  as it was only 15 or 20minutes after we arrived.   But two minutes later, I was holding the sweetest little thing with the most gorgeous blue eyes.   He settled in for his first feed but never stopped staring at my face.  To this day I really do wonder what he was thinking?  Was he thinking the same thing I was... hello perfect person, I'm so glad to meet you!?   The nurses scowled as I wouldn't let them poke him for vitamin k or give him a hep b shot.. but brand new baby boys are not for poking!  They are for cuddling and dreaming about the future.

That future is here now... at least 8yrs worth of it ;)  And these days he's moved on to bananas and muffins for snacks... but he's still a pretty perfect person, despite his imperfections.   In a few months we're headed to a paediatrician for evaluation of his hearing and such, but for now, we're going into the kitchen to make chocolate mini cupcakes with rocky road frosting. PERFECT!   And I'll worry about imperfections another day...

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5 Responses
  1. Kylie Says:

    Which him a very Happy 8th Birthday.

  2. Kez Says:

    Happy b'day Frodo!

  3. Wendy Says:

    Happy Birthday to Frodo. :)

  4. Happy birthday to Frodo!

    My oldest is going to be 8 next month. I am amazed at how much he has grown up in the past year. Seven seems to be the transition from little kid to big kid!


  5. Todd Says:

    HAPPY birthday, Frodo!